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ACA Members-Only Podcast Series Now Live!

The ACA Podcast Series Has ArrivedACA has launched a free podcast series for members. Each podcast---a pre-recorded interview posted on the ACA website---can be downloaded to an iPod or MP3 player, or, you can simply listen to it from your own computer.  Currently, members will find three programs on our new Podcast Page.

  • The Counselor and the Law: A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice (running time 41:18 minutes). NOTE:  See option to earn 6 CE credits!
  • The Ethics of Confidentiality: Who Needs to Know What? (running time: 22:09)
  • Your Malpractice Insurance: What You Need to Know (running time: 20:11)

Suggestions for future podcast topics? Questions? Feedback? Contact Rebecca Daniel-Burke:

Worth Reading: The Impact of Religion on Americans

How does religion play a role in the lives of Americans? A major survey released in late June by the Pew Center's Forum for Religion & Public Life, entitled the US Religious Landscape Survey, reports that more than half of Americans say their faith is very important to them, attend religious services regularly and pray daily. The findings reflect a non-dogmatic view of religion; a majority of the 35,000 individuals interviewed said that their beliefs are not the only way to salvation. The reported attitudes and beliefs of various faiths cut across religions and ethnic groups, as well as those who state they are non believers or not affiliated with any formal church.


New SAT Comes Up Short in Predicting Freshman Student Success

The New York Times and other national newspapers reported a major story earlier this month on a College Board study suggesting that admission test scores are not the best predictor of freshman student success in college. Put in place three years ago with a writing component included for the first time, College Board suggested the new SAT would become a strong indicator of student success. In reality, as the Times article reports, the best predictor of student success in college is high school achievement.


Reliable Resource: Free Parent Guide from Education Department

The US Department of Education has developed a publication, "Empowering Parents School Box: A Tool To Equip Parents For the School Year," that it is distributed free of charge. The School Box contains three booklets: What Parents Need to Know, Taking a Closer Look, and Learning Checklists; a brochure, Examples of Resources; a poster, Empowered Parents Stay Involved With School; a bookmark; and a door hanger. The information provides tips on working with children from birth to high school; guidelines for taking advantage of free tutoring opportunities; steps for selecting a high-quality school; ways to get involved in children's schools; information about financial aid and scholarships; and resources for improving learning.


Grants, Grants, Grants: Projects Focus on Youth, Girls and Women

Grants, Grants, Grants:The Nestlé USA Very Best in Youth Program honors young people ages 13 to 18 who have excelled in school and who are making their community and the world a better place. Maximum Award: $1000. Eligibility: youth ages 13 and 18 who demonstrate good citizenship, a strong academic record, and can show how they have made a special contribution to their school, church or the community. Deadline: November 20, 2008.


The Open Meadows Foundation funds projects that are led by and benefit women and girls; reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both its leadership and organization; promote community-building; promote racial, social, economic and environmental justice; and have limited financial access or have encountered obstacles in their search for funding. Maximum Award: $2000. Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations with an organizational budget no larger than $150,000. Projects must be designed and implemented by women and girls. Deadline: August 15, 2008.


Rebecca Daniel-Burke Assumes ACA Career Services Management Role

Effective July 1, Rebecca Daniel-Burke will coordinate ACA Career Services. Rebecca will be managing the ACA member services developed for both the new job seeker and the experienced job changer. Currently posted in the Career Center are articles, originating in Counseling Today, that address everything from "Improving Your Interviewing Skills" to "Relocation Tips for Counselors." As we move closer to the 2009 ACA Conference & Exposition in Charlotte, NC, you will find more information about the onsite career services available to attendees.


Experiences of Delegation to Vietnam and Cambodia Included in Web Journal

ACA Past President Courtland Lee led an ACA counseling delegation to Vietnam and Cambodia last month and the delegation's journal has been posted on the ACA website.


ACA Members' Input Sought

ACA Member Survey--Respond by July 16

We value your honest opinion! As ACA continues to grow and position itself to provide even more opportunities, services and resources for you, our valued member, your opinion is greatly needed! Next Tuesday, July 8th, you will receive an ACA membership survey via email, which is being conducted by an independent market research firm. We are asking that you take a few moments and give us your honest opinion by completing the survey no later than midnight, Wednesday, July 16th. Some of the questions asked in the survey are: What challenges do you face as a counselor? How can ACA best serve you? Your confidential feedback will contribute to the leadership's vision for taking ACA to the next level. Thank you for supporting ACA, and allowing your voice to be heard.

NIMH--Respond by July 25

As a part of its ongoing dialogue with ACA, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has released a Request for Information (RFI) in order to solicit input on strategies to enhance suicide prevention efforts within emergency medicine department (ED) settings, where many individuals at high risk for suicide are seen. Information on specific topics are sought with regard to their potential to reduce suicide attempt or re-attempt rates within a 12-month follow-up period of being seen in an ED.

Information that can address potential diverse needs of the variety of patients seen in the ED (e.g., pediatric, geriatric, veteran status) is also sought.

Details and how to comment... (July 25 deadline)

Capella University--Respond by July 8

In the last issue, ACA members were invited to complete an online survey about their background and viewpoints regarding mental health treatment of post-combat service members. Due to technical difficulties with the server that hosted the survey, some members may not have been able to access the survey. In response, Capella University, the sponsoring organization, is extending the time the survey is open until July 8, 2008. Access the survey here or cut and paste the following URL into your browser: Visit after July 1 for initial survey results from other mental health professionals and military service members who completed the survey. Look for additional results that incorporate the ACA survey participants later this summer.

Newsworthy Events and Important Dates

July 9-11, 2008
Event: Public Policy & Advocacy - Finding Our Voice and Making It Heard
Sponsor: National Career Development Association
Location: Washington, DC

July 17-19, 2008
Event: Embracing Diversity - Relationships Across Cultures & Generations
Sponsor: American Mental Health Counselors Association
Location: San Diego, CA

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