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Client Focus: CDC Study Examines Risky Health Behaviors of Adolescents

Progress associated with a federal campaign to get youth to delay sexual activity or practice safe sex has leveled off according to the new data reported in early June by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The new findings revealed a decade of reduced sexual activity among teens leveled off between 2001 and 2007 and an increase in condom use seems to have peaked in 2003. The findings left federal officials lamenting the slowing and leveling off of progress that had previously been heralded. The biannual study provides an array of behavioral information connecting teens to "risky" behaviors.


The New Counseling Today: Watch Your Mailbox for Fresh, Reader-Friendly Magazine

The first issue of Counseling Today magazine will roll off the press later this month and will be in your mailbox in early July. Replacing the tabloid-size newspaper version of CT, the magazine will feature higher-quality graphics and a fresh, reader-friendly design. The first magazine cover story will examine issues counselors have identified as "emerging" in client populations. Other July feature articles will look at special challenges of counseling the millennial generation, issues surrounding transracial adoptions, and what two counselors did to help provide trauma care after the devastating cyclone in Myanmar. The magazine also marks the debut of four new columns: The Top Five (quick tips, strategies and lessons learned), Counselor Career Stories, New Perspectives (focusing on students and new professionals) and The Digital Psyway (helping counselors make the most of technology). Plus, read the five winning entries from the ACA Foundation Graduate Student Essay Contest.

Minority Graduation Rates Under Scrutiny by Education Sector

The Education Sector, a Washington "think tank," has been looking at just how successful the nation's colleges and universities have been granting degrees to students of color. In a just released report, Graduate Rate Watch: Making Minority Student Success a Priority, author Kevin Carey takes a hard look at the colleges that are achieving success and how they are doing it. The report includes lists of successful minority degree granting institutions and ends with a series of policy recommendations for institutions, government and organizations.


Worth Reading: The Virginia Tech Effect on College and University Policies

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact has just released The Ripple Effect of Virginia Tech, a report detailing what policies colleges have implemented as a result of the tragic events in Blacksburg, Virginia in April 2007. Most notable has been the expansion and perfection of emergency notification systems. Less visible or detectable this early after the tragedy are changes to admission procedures and other strategies for recognizing and responding to student behavior.


Relevant Research: Influence of Child Abuse on Suicide Victims

The ScienceDaily and the Economist Science & Technology websites both reported in May on the work of a group of McGill University scientists who have discovered important difference between the brains of suicide victims and so-called normal brains. Each of the 13 suicide victims in the study was a victim of child abuse. The group was studying epigenetics, the interaction between our genes and environment and the influence that interface may have on future behavior.


Economist - Science & Technology...

The Condition of Education: 2008

From time to time counseling program managers and counselor education students are called upon to advance certain facts about the state of education in America. The annual release, The Condition of Education 2008, by the National Center for Education Statistics references 43 indicators covering the full US educational enterprise from early childhood to postsecondary education.


Conference Clipping: 1,439 Session and Institute Proposals Received by Deadline

If enthusiasm can be measured by the number of education session and pre-conference Learning Institute proposals, the  ACA 2009 Conference & Exposition in Charlotte, NC is going to be another "must attend" event. When the deadline for proposals passed June 2, 1,437 submissions had been received, topping the modern record set last year for the Honolulu conference. Acceptance/rejection notices will be emailed by August 15.  The summer registration rate is in effect thru August 31.

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Reliable Resource: FDA Teams with Cartoon Network to Promote Healthier Eating

The US Food and Drug Administration  and the Cartoon Network have launched "Spot the Block," a public education campaign to encourage youth ages 9 to 13 to learn and use the Nutrition Facts information on the food labels. This campaign uses online and customized public education announcements, featuring characters from the Cartoon Network's most popular programs, to encourage healthy food choices.


Fast Fact: Americans Under 65 with Alzheimer's or Dementia Reaches Half Million

The May edition of the AARP Bulletin reports the estimated number of Americans under 65 with Alzheimer's or another dementia to be 500,000. The same issue reports that scientists are experimenting using near-infrared light in the skull and brain in the hopes of finding the plaques and tangles that are certain signs of Alzheimer's. Still in clinical trials, this technique would be a major advance in early detection of the disease, a time when the potential of slowing its progress is greater.

Member Authors Get a "Shout Out" from ACA and Counseling Today

ACA and Counseling Today would like to help its member authors get the word out about their books to the counseling community by providing a little free publicity. If you are an ACA member and have had a book published—either by ACA or another publisher—since the beginning of the year, send an e-mail to CT editor-in-chief Jonathan Rollins ( with the following information: author/editor's name, ACA membership number, title of book, publisher (no self-published titles accepted) and a one- to two-sentence description of the book's main focus, purpose or theme.

These brief book announcements will be listed in a separate section of Counseling Today's monthly Resource Reviews column as they are received. Each book will be listed only once. However, books listed in the announcements section will still be eligible for a full review at a later date if mailed to the attention of Counseling Today or Resource Reviews editor Ruth Harper ( Due to the volume of books received, full reviews are not guaranteed.

CRCC and CORE Announce Partnership to Advance Licensure and Ethical Standards

The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) and the Council On Rehabilitation Education (CORE) have formed a partnership to advance the interests of the rehabilitation counseling community by advocating the recognition of rehabilitation counseling in the state laws and regulations governing the licensure requirements for professional counselors. This partnership unites two organizations focused on rehabilitation counseling services; both are committed to improving training, education, and certification that reflects current professional practice.  


Survey on Post-combat Mental Health Issues - Complete by June 25

Capella University is inviting ACA members to complete an online survey about their background and viewpoints regarding mental health treatment of post-combat service members. Even if you have not worked with service members returning from combat duty, your experiences and opinions as someone experienced at helping people adjust to major life changes would be extremely helpful. The survey was made available to other groups of mental health professionals, along with a similar survey to military service members and veterans. Those results will be combined with existing research and released as a public service announcement near the July 4 holiday. A companion or amended report that includes the ACA results will be released later in July.

If you wish to participate, access the survey here or cut and paste the following URL into your browser: The survey will be live on or before Wednesday, June 18 at 12 noon CDT and remain open through June 25, 2008.

Newsworthy Events and Important Dates

June 28 - July 1, 2008
Event: Setting New Standards
Sponsor: American School Counselor Association

July 9-11, 2008
Event: Public Policy & Advocacy - Finding Our Voice and Making It Heard
Sponsor: National Career Development Association
Location: Washington, DC

July 17-19, 2008
Event: Embracing Diversity - Relationships Across Cultures & Generations
Sponsor: American Mental Health Counselors Association
Location: San Diego, CA

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