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All Teens Should Be Screened for Depression

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Therapeutic Implications of Psychopharmacology

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In the News: All Teens Should Be Screened for Depression

Growing from a recommendation by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, physicians are being encouraged to take the precautionary measure of screening the nation's 13 to 18 year olds for signs of major depression, reports in late March. If followed by treatment, including psychotherapy, symptoms will improve and teens can adjust, according to the task force. The USPSTF reports that the prevalence of Major Depressive Disorder in adolescents is 5.6%.


USPSTF Reports...

Breaking News: VA Post 9/11 GI Bill Application Center is Open for Business

Counselors addressing the mental health and educational needs of veterans in varied settings will be pleased to learn that the Post 9/11 GI Bill Application Center of the Department of Veteran's Affairs is now operational. The website went live on May 1 and is currently dispensing information and accepting applications from eligible men and women who have served in the armed forces.

GI Bill Application Center...

Conference Clipping #1: Graduate Student/ New Professional Input by May 10th

Graduate Student/ New Professional Input by May 10tAt the past several conferences, ACA has scheduled education sessions by some of the most famous authors, theorists, and leaders in professional counseling on topics specifically chosen by graduate students and new professionals. In planning the "For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only" program for the ACA 2010 Conference & Exposition March 18-22 in Pittsburgh, ACA is asking once again for information that can guide planners in creating the most relevant and timely sessions.

Help conference planners by answering the following two questions:

  • Other than a faculty member in your own program, who is a famous counselor that you would enjoy seeing (and meeting) at the conference? Who is the person most likely to get the following reaction from you: "I can't believe I'm seeing her/him in person!"
  • What topic(s) would you like to see addressed at the "For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only" series?

Most student attendees are enrolled in master's degree programs, so although we want some doctoral level programs, we especially are seeking topics that are meaningful to master's level students and new professionals. Direct your response to the questions to David Kaplan, Chief Professional Officer, at by May 10, 2009.

Conference Clipping #2: Submit Your Proposals to Present By June 3

Want to present in Pittsburgh? Proposals are due by 5pm ET, Wednesday, June 3. The primary presenter must be an ACA member and all presenters must register for the conference by January 1, 2010. All proposals will be blind reviewed and scored using this rubric: 1 = Very Poor, 2 = Poor, 4 = Fair, 6 = Good, 8 = Very Good, 10 = Outstanding

Proposal Information...

Reliable Resource: CDC, Red Cross Provide Guidance on Swine Flu

The swine flu (H1N1) has captured headlines, generating a need for citizens to be informed and practice caution. In addition to identifying state and local sources of information and communicating with medical professionals when necessary, counselors should be aware that the Centers for Disease Control posts regular information and guidance at its national website. Also, the Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Services unit has prepared a Swine Flu Fact Sheet that is posted on the ACA website.

Centers for Disease Control Swine Flu website...

PDF Red Cross Fact Sheet...

Sign of the Times: Youth Distracted by or Addicted to Video Games?

Youth Distracted by or Addicted to Video Games?Have video games replaced television as the number one distraction for youth? Or has this behavior joined substance abuse and gambling on the list of addictions experienced by Americans? Research conducted in 2007 by Douglas Gentile, Director of Research for the Minneapolis-based National Institute on Media and the Family, and reported last month in the Scientific American blog found 8.5% of American youths between the ages of 8 and 18 have what could be classified as addictive video game playing behavior. Knowing who is most vulnerable and determining the full effects of the addiction are questions that Gentile suggests still need to be answered.

Scientific American blog...

Fast Fact: Women Catching Up in Federal Pay Differential

The nation's largest employer---the federal government---employs 11,810,490 people of whom 68% are women. A recent Government Accountability Office report on 2007 earnings shows that the pay differential for federal workers has narrowed over the past two decades with women now earning 89 cents for each dollar earned by their male colleagues. Experience and increased educational attainment were cited as influencing the change.

National Institute on Drug Abuse Creates Research Center

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has just created DrugPubs, a research dissemination center designed to distribute free materials to NIDA's target community, including counselors, researchers, health professionals, educators, advocacy groups, youth, and the general public. The latest scientific information on drug abuse and addiction can be ordered here:

DrugPubs Online...

New DrugPubs phone number: 1-877-643-2644 or 1-240-645-0228 (TDD)

ACA Book on Strengths-Based Career Counseling in the Schools Now Available

Strengths-Based Career Development for School Guidance and Counseling Programs
Written by Norman C. Gysbers and Richard T. Lapan

Strengths-Based Career Development for School Guidance and Counseling ProgramsThis publication is the first of its kind and a must-read for school counselors, teachers, administrators, and other educational personnel committed to fully integrating strengths-based career development content and career guidance activities into their schools' comprehensive guidance and counseling programs. Drs. Gysbers and Lapan give step-by-step instructions on how to achieve full integration using a holistic, strengths-based career development model that unites the academic, career, and personal-social domains of comprehensive guidance and counseling programs. The goal is to engage, energize, and prepare students to develop proactive, resilient, and adaptive approaches to the present as well as their personally valued futures.

Part I provides a historical overview of the theoretical foundation for comprehensive school guidance and counseling programs. Part II contains an organizational framework and evidence-based activities for delivering career guidance to all students, Pre-K to 12. Part III offers a plan for designing, delivering, evaluating, and advocating for strengths-based career development in schools through comprehensive school guidance and counseling programs. Published by Counseling Outfitters, LLC

2009 | 260 pages
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ISBN 978-0-9795668-3-7
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Making a Career Move? Use ACA Career Center Services

Are you seeking a Masters-level counseling position? Visit the online ACA Career Center. Employment information and tips for job seekers and changers can be found at Also, a resume critique and consult can be arranged with Rebecca Daniel Burke by emailing her at

College Space Availability Survey Lists Fall Opportunities for Qualified Students

College Space Availability Survey Lists Fall Opportunities for Qualified StudentsKnow a student who is still searching for a college for this fall? The annual Space Availability Survey of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, listing member colleges accepting applications for admission from qualified students, was posted on the association website on May 5, 2009. It is available for both counselor and public use.


Calendar: ASCA, NCDA and AMHCA Summer Professional Development Experiences

June 28 - July 1
American School Counselor Association
Dallas Convention Center
Dallas , TX
Theme: Making a Difference

July 1-3
National Career Development Association
Marriott - St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Theme: Inspiring Career Development Practitioners

July 23-25
American Mental Health Counselors Association
Washington Court Hotel
Washington, DC
Theme: Strengthening Individual, Families & Communities through Mental Health Counseling & Advocacy
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