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Most Adults Cover Their Tattoos

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20/20 Delegates Reach History Making Consensus Definition of Counseling

20-20 InitiativeHistory was made at the ACA Conference in Pittsburgh as delegates representing 29 major counseling organizations agreed for the first time on a common definition of counseling. Delegates from 20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling used a Delphi procedure to reach consensus on the following definition: Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. The delegates made clear that the definition was a basic framework and that each participating organization is welcome to add a statement that fleshes out the particular specialty or area of focus.

The new definition will now be going out to all 20/20 participating organizations to seek their endorsement. Counseling Today will cover this story in greater depth in a forthcoming issue.

On the Lighter Side: Most Adults Cover Their Tattoos

Spring has arrived across the U.S. and coats, sweaters, and boots are giving way to shirts, shorts, and sandals. Does that mean the tattoos that Americans have been acquiring in greater frequency are going to be exposed to the world? No, according to research by the Pew Research Center, which found that 72% of adults with tattoos do not display them. The finding is a part of the ongoing "Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next" study, which traces and reports trends.

Pew Research Center Tattoo Display Study...

ACA President-Elect Slate Named for Upcoming Election

Colleen Logan, ACA Past-President and Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, has announced the slate of candidates for ACA President-Elect. The candidates are: Dr. Michael D'Andrea (nominated by the Counselors for Social Justice); Dr. Jeffrey Freiden (nominated by the American School Counselor Association); Dr. Christine Moll (nominated by the Association for Adult Development and Aging); and Dr. Brad Erford (nominated by the ACA Southern Region, the Association for Creativity in Counseling, and the Association for Assessment in Counseling and Education).

Voting will commence late this year and the winner of the election will begin their term as ACA President-Elect on July 1, 2011, followed by the ACA Presidency on July 1, 2012 as the Association's 61st chief elected officer.

Relevant Research: Self-esteem Patterns through Adulthood to Aging

Research findings reported in the current edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicate that self-esteem rises steadily through adulthood, but falls around the time of retirement. The longitudinal research examined patterns in men and women ranging in age from 25 to 104.

Self-esteem was lowest among young adults but increased throughout adulthood, peaking at age 60, before it started to decline. Education, income, health, and employment status all had some effect on the self-esteem paths, especially as people grew older.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology...

Pittsburgh Conference Captured in VISTAS Online

Unable to attend the ACA Conference in Pittsburgh? Want to catch up on what's happening in the counseling field in the words of the counseling practitioners, counselor educators, and researchers?

VISTAS Online in the ACA Library at captures the ideas, information, and experiences of ACA Conferences. It contains the full text of articles derived from conference programming from 2004. Organized by year, the collection can now be sorted by subject for ease in searching. Currently containing 367 articles, the series will grow to 427 titles when the ACA 2010 Conference programs are added. Check out this valuable member resource for counselors and counseling students alike.

VISTAS Online...

In the News: Burger King Incurs Wrath of Mental Health Organizations

A new commercial by Burger King, in which the product mascot is chased by white-uniformed attendants and called "crazy" and "insane" for wanting to sell his product at a low price is being called "blatantly stigmatizing" by mental health groups. Groups such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health America, that have a history of monitoring such stigmatization and the wrongful depiction of the mentally ill, have asked the burger chain to remove the ad.

Washington Post story...

New ACA Addiction Counseling Books for Clinician and Classroom Use

Two new books from ACA are "must reading" for addiction counselors and students.

A Contemporary Approach to Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling: A Counselor's Guide to Application and Understanding
by Ford Brooks and Bill McHenry

Focusing on clinical applications and how-tos, this book provides a basic understanding of the nature of substance abuse and addiction, its progression, and clinical interventions for college/university, school, and community/mental health agency settings. Topics covered include drug classifications; assessment; working with ethnically diverse clients, the GLBT population, and women; the continuum from nonuse to addiction; developmental approaches in treating addiction; relapse prevention; grief and loss in addiction; group counseling; working with families; spirituality; addictions training and ethical issues; understanding and applying the 2009 CACREP Standards for Addiction Counseling; and counselor self-care.

2009 | 280 pgs
Order #72888
ISBN 978-1-55620-282-7
List Price: $46.95
AACA Member Price: $33.95

Order Today...

Developing Clinical Skills for Substance Abuse Counseling
by Daniel Yalisove

This handbook teaches the basic concepts and skills necessary for effective substance abuse counseling. In Part I, Dr. Yalisove discusses counselor roles and the principles of substance abuse counseling. He then provides a synopsis of several key substance abuse theories as well as his own Building Session Goals and Strategies method and the Eight Stage Process of Counseling approach, all of which are practical, compatible means for learning and mastering clinical counseling skills. Part II illustrates applications of these approaches in clinical situations using experiential exercises, role-plays, and clinical scenario examples. Chapters on group work, counseling clients with dual disorders, family counseling, and working with diverse client populations follow, with a helpful chapter on creating client treatment plans and writing clinical reports rounding out the book. Dr. Yalisove's practical approach to developing critical thinking and counseling skills makes this an ideal supplemental text for addictions courses.

2010 | 232 pgs
Order #72895
ISBN 978-1-55620-307-7
List Price: $44.95
ACA Member Price: $29.95

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Advocacy Matters: Counseling Awareness Month Tips Available

Each weekday during April, members will find a practical tip for celebrating Counseling Awareness Month. The strategies are designed to call attention to the importance of counseling and the role of professional counselors in addressing mental health, wellness, education, and career concerns.

Counseling Awareness Month Tips...

National Reading Scores Rise for Grade 8, Flat for Grade 4

Reading scores for grade 8 students climbed one point while the reading performance of grade 4 students was unchanged from 2007, according to the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in reading, also known as The Nation's Report Card: Reading 2009. The report also found that only 32% of the nation's eighth graders read at a proficient level, which demonstrates "solid academic performance," while 25% read below the basic level.

NAEP Report Card...

Crafting Winning Proposal for 2011 ACA Conference

ACA Conference LogoThe ACA Conference in Pittsburgh was an outstanding professional development opportunity for counselors and students, and an exceptional opportunity for presenters to showcase innovative, evidence-based programs, strategies, and research. The conference featured 38 Pre-conference Learning Institutes and 538 Education Sessions (i.e., 90-minute programs, 60-minute programs, and 30-minute poster sessions). The overall acceptance rate for Education Sessions was 35%, meaning that the competition for presentation spaces and the quality of selected programs continue to increase.

The deadline for program proposals for the ACA 2011 Conference & Exposition in New Orleans is June 2, 2010. As you prepare a program proposal, consider the helpful tips outlined below, which will increase your chances of crafting a highly-rated proposal. Click here for 7 tips on putting together an effective proposal. The tips were prepared by Brad Erford, Chair of the ACA Conference Program Review Panel.

Click here to register for the 2011 Conference, March 23-27, in New Orleans at the low Summer Rate, which expires August 31.

Reliable Resource: Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign Launched

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), along with the Ad Council and the Inspire USA Foundation, has launched a new Teen Suicide Prevention national public service announcement (PSA) campaign, the first teen suicide prevention effort from SAMHSA to utilize a national mass media strategy as well as a robust digital outreach program. Data from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds.

The PSA campaign-We Can Help Us-includes television, radio, and print advertising, and mall and in-school posters and viral videos. The campaign website features stories from teens, tips to help cope with tough issues, and links to resources, including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline The PSAs will be distributed widely in the national media this spring.

Reach Out Campaign...

Fast Fact: National Birthrate Falls After 2 Decades of Growth, Teen Rate Also Drops

New vital statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics indicate that the preliminary number of 2008 U.S. births is 4,251,095, down nearly 2% from 2007 when the number hit a 2-decade peak. During the same reporting period, the birth rate for U.S. teenagers fell 2% in 2008, reversing a brief 2-year increase that had halted a long-term decline from 1991-2005.

NCHS Summary...

Calendar: State Conferences in SD and MD

April 22-24, 2010
South Dakota Counseling Association
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April 30 - May 1, 2010
Maryland Association for Counseling and Development
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Columbia, MD

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