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Economy Spells Fewer Career Opportunities for College Graduates

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Relevant Research: Marriage + ADHD Kids = Greater Chance of Divorce

Parents with a child who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are two times as likely to divorce by the time the child reaches age 8 as the parents of children without ADHD. This and other alarming findings have emerged from the research of Dr. William E. Pelham, Jr. and Dr. Brian T. Wymbs and reported in last fall's edition of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

The research discovered that 22.7 percent of parents of children with ADHD had divorced by the time the child was 8 years old, compared to 12.6 percent of parents in the control group. Divorce rates of parents with and without children with ADHD were not significantly different after children passed the 8-year mark.


Economy Spells Fewer Career Opportunities for College Graduates

Economy Spells Fewer Career Opportunities for College GraduatesIn spite of indications in the fall that hiring for the Class of 2009 would be relatively flat, respondents to the National Association of Colleges and Employer (NACE) Job Outlook 2009 Spring Update survey now expect to hire nearly 22 percent fewer graduates from this year's class than they hired from the Class of 2008, ending a string of positive college hiring reports dating back to 2004. This will mean fewer recruiters hitting the college career center circuit this spring and fewer positions for the ones that do. Earlier this year NACE reported that salaries for the Class of 2009 would hold at 2008 levels.


ACA in the News: CBS News Sunday Morning and NPR

Yes... that was the voice of ACA President Colleen Logan you heard on February 10 on National Public Radio and broadcast to local affiliates around the nation. Dr. Logan was commenting on how the economic conditions in the country have brought a greater mix of persons with stress and related personal and career concerns to professional counselors and how the profession is helping them.

And on February 15, ACA's Journal of Counseling & Development was mentioned on CBS Sunday Morning. The Valentine-themed segment referenced an article in JCD on arranged marriages.

Opportunities for Public Policy Involvement in Charlotte

Did the recent year of national politics get your advocacy blood boiling? Do you want to know what's going on in the areas of public policy and legislation from an ACA perspective? Several programs at the ACA Conference & Exposition in Charlotte will be focusing on these areas and you are welcome to participate:

ACA Public Policy & Legislation Committee Meeting
Saturday, March 21st, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Westin Hotel, Grand Ballroom A & B

Legislative Advocacy for Counselors: What's Happening and How You Can Help
Sunday, March 22nd, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Charlotte Convention Center, Room 214
Program ID #459 (90 minutes)

ACA Resource Center
Public Policy Booth, Charlotte Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A
Friday, March 20th 5pm - 7pm
Saturday, March 21st 10:30 am - 6pm
Sunday, March 22nd 10:30 am - 6pm.
Free materials will be available.

Worth Reading: Big Thinkers Explain How Their Intelligence Works

Big Thinkers Explain How Their Intelligence WorksThe current edition of Edutopia magazine examines multiple intelligences and asks a group of accomplished scientists and artists to tell the online magazine exactly how each felt their intelligence worked. Jane Goodall, noted primatologist, commented that she is initially intuitive, possessing the ability to look analytically at anything she must explore.

Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Junot Diaz (The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) said he possesses a heightened sense of narrative structures. Astronomer Andrea Ghez claims to be a problem solver. However intelligence is defined, these brilliant minds and others argue that it is multifaceted, a subject Edutopia is going to be covering over the spring months.


Jeanmarie Infranco Wins the 4th Annual ACAeNews Black History Month Quiz

Jeanmarie Infranco, LPC, a therapist for people with serious mental illness at the Prince William County Community Services in Northern Virginia and part-time doctoral student at George Mason University is the winner of the 4th annual ACAeNews Black History Month Quiz. Jeanmarie's name was drawn from a pool of individuals satisfactorily answering the following questions and she will receive a copy of Multicultural Issues in Counseling by Courtland Lee.

  • What was nickname of the all Black 332nd Fighter Group of the U.S. Army Air Corps which escorted the Allied air forces through European air space on 1,578 missions in WWII?
    Answer: The Tuskegee Airmen
  • Who was the first Black actor or actress to receive an Academy Award? Identify the individual and the film.
    Answer: Ms. Hattie McDaniel, Best Supporting Actress, Gone With the Wind, 1939.
  • What was the first Black owned business to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange?
    Answer: Black Entertainment Television (BET)
  • Including Dr. Marcheta Evans, recent winner of the presidential election, how many Black women and men have been elected president of the American Counseling Association?
    Answer: Five. Thelma Daley (1975-76), Beverly O'Bryant (1993-94), Courtland Lee (1997-98), Marie Wakefield (2006-07) and Marcheta Evans (2010-11)

Thanks to all quiz respondents for their participation.

American Lifestyles: Teens and Adults Differ in Charitable Contributions

Mom and Dad are likely to reach for their checkbook to make their charitable contributions. However, their teenage children, according to a Harris Interactive survey conducted for World Vision, are more likely to find some way to volunteer time to their charity of choice. In fact, more teens are likely to volunteer at their favorite charity (56%) than hold down a regular part-time job (39%).

Method of Contributing

Give Online Today to the ACA Foundation

Even during this challenging economic time, members can make certain the ACA Foundation continues to provide scholarships and deliver programs throughout America. Through your donations, ACAF provides Growing Happy and Confident Kids program book grants to school counselors who use the books as intervention tools which assist in reshaping the emotional life of elementary school children. Gifts also help ACAF provide graduate students an opportunity to attend the annual ACA Conference as volunteers.

Your support for these and future professional endeavors is needed. Go to the donation page and make your gift of $25, $50, $100, $200, $500 or more to ACAF and help sustain and grow our important work.

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Meet ACA's Best Selling Authors in Charlotte

Meet ACA's Best Selling Authors in CharlotteACA is pleased to announce a special series of content sessions at the Annual Conference & Exposition in Charlotte on March 21-22, featuring some of our most accomplished authors discussing their newly published books. Consult your Conference Program Guide for dates and times of the sessions.

Session titles and presenters include:

Girls' and Women's Wellness - Laura Hensley Choate

Counseling Strategies for Loss and Grief - Keren Humphrey

Client Feedback Tools: A Fast Track to Better Outcomes in Counseling With Young People, Families, and Schools - John Murphy

The Counselor and the Law - Burt Bertram

Re-Discovering Carl Rogers-Biography as Surprise - Howard Kirschenbaum

Counseling Multiple Heritage Individuals, Couples, and Families - Richard Henriksen Jr. and Derrick Paladino

Becoming a Counselor - Samuel Gladding

Using Qualitative Career Assessments With Adolescents and Adults - Norm Gysbers

Suicide Prevention in the Schools - David Capuzzi

Consult Opportunities Available for Members in Charlotte

Searching for a first-time or new counseling position? Starting or expanding a private practice? Have an ethics question? ACA will be offering free Career Consults, Private Practice Consults, and Ethic Consults at the conference 10am - 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, March 19-20. Conference registrants desiring a consult should contact Jason Wilke at to schedule an appointment.

April is Counseling Awareness Month

Counselors in every setting can use the observance of ACA's Counseling Awareness Month coming in April to call public and professional attention to the importance of counseling and the work of counselors. To support this national advocacy effort, the association has created the ACA Counseling Awareness Month Celebration Guide, to highlight strategies that any institution, agency, organization, or private practice can implement and subsequently benefit from the exposure each generates. The guide contains a host of suggestions for placing the community spotlight squarely on the counseling profession. Let's do all we can to make it a success.

Counseling Awareness Month Celebration Guide...

Q&A About ACA Master's Level Student Liability Insurance

As ACA has begun its new program of including liability insurance as a benefit for master's level student members, a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) have emerged. Each of the following FAQs addresses an issue or concern:

Question: As a master's level student member of ACA, how do I obtain proof of insurance to turn in?

Answer: In order to obtain "Evidence of Insurance," the student must update their student program level status by contacting the ACA Member Service Department at 800-347-6647/703-823-9800, ext. 222 (M-F, 8 am - 7 pm, ET). Most ACA student members have already done this and received the document. If you have updated your program status and have not received your proof, please contact the ACA Member Services Department.

Question: If I paid for my student insurance in the fall before the program launched in January, can I get a refund?

Answer: Yes. Students who previously purchased individual policies may wish to request a partial refund by providing a copy of the "Evidence of Insurance" received from ACA and requesting cancellation in writing to HPSO, 159 East County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040-1218, fax number 1-800-739-8818.

Question: Am I covered for student activities beyond practicum and internship?

Answer: Yes. The coverage of the policy has not changed from when students were required to pay for it. Students are covered for any program related activity including (but not limited to): site visits, practice sessions, interviews, pre-practicum activities, practicum, and internship. If there is any question about whether a particular activity is covered, please contact the ACA Insurance Trust at 800-347-6647/703-823-9800, ext. 284.

Question: Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Answer: The ACA Insurance Trust at 800-347-6647/703-823-9800, ext. 284 is glad to talk to you at any time.

Calendar: ACA/NCCA, ME, SD, CT, and MD Conferences Coming This Spring

March 19-23, 2009
American Counseling Association/North Carolina Counseling Association
Charlotte , NC

March 30-31, 2009
Maine Counseling Association
Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME

April 16-18, 2009
South Dakota Counseling Association
Sioux Falls Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD

May 1, 2009
Connecticut Counseling Association
Rocky Hill Marriott and Conference Center, Rocky Hill, CT
Information: Rachel Collins at

May 1, 2009
Maryland Association for Counseling and Development
Johns Hopkins University - Columbia, Columbia, MD

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