ACA: American Counseling Association
ACA Foundation's 2010 Graduate Student Scholarship Competitions

Required Essay

Entries will be judged based on an essay which addresses ONE of the following subjects in 600 words or less.

  1. "Should the national debate about health care reform include the delivery of counseling services as a covered treatment? Why?"
  2. "Name the population in this country which you feel is most under-served by the counseling profession and explain what you think could be done to better address this group."
  3. "Do today’s school-aged students present new issues and problems for counselors and are counseling students today being adequately prepared to deal with these issues?"
  4. "Is bullying an issue that the counseling profession is adequately addressing both in terms of education about the problem and in dealing with the overall issue?"
  5. "In your opinion, have recent economic changes led to new problems which the counseling community should address? If yes, what actions would you suggest?"