We hope you find this page useful in navigating the many complexities of our upcoming election. We know it's difficult to filter out information relevant to counselors in today's fast-paced digital world of information overload, so we've taken the liberty of doing it for you—as well as providing some general (and helpful) election education resources. Please note: ACA does not endorse any candidates for office. This information is intended to encourage people to participate in the democratic process.

The ACA Government Affairs Team

New Government Affairs Blog

CounselorsEmpowerA conversational, real-time approach to the issues that affect the counseling profession, written by members of the ACA Government Affairs team. Click here to check it out.

So Many Reasons to Vote!

And they don’t all have to do with the Presidential candidates. Congressional and State elections will have long-lasting effects on issues that are important to counselors as well. Read more about that here.  

Resources to Keep You Informed

Understand your state's voting process. Click here for official FAQs, tips, and updates from the United States Election Assistance Commission. 

electoral map[3]For more information on polls, what they mean, and other election news, click here.

NOW is the Time to Get Involved 

Congress is out of session and Members are back home campaigning. Click here to read about what they still need to accomplish this year, what ACA is focused on, and how you can find representatives near you during the campaign season. 

Impact on Mental Health

Click here to learn more about the many benefits of voting. This empowering activity promotes social ties, helps parents set good examples for their kids, and more. 

Click here to read a recent Counseling Today article about managing election stress.

How to Become President of the United States Infographic

Ever wonder how one actually becomes the leader of the free world? Here’s your guide on how we elect our Presidents.

president-poster_1Click here to access the infographic