Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Ann Adams is a counselor who believes in the ability of the mind to understand and change behaviors, and in each person’s power to create the life they want. She helps clients and counselors start something new every day at Beginnings Counseling & Consulting,

  • Addressing the Beginning Counselor Problem

    Jan 06, 2011
    I had a friend. Really friendly, good listener, self-contained, caring. We went to college together, both majoring in Family Psychology. After graduation, I went on to my counseling degree, and she started a program in marriage and family therapy. As often happens, we lost touch for a while. But about a year ago, we caught up. I excitedly told her about my internship, and asked how her MFT internship was going. She said she never started it. She’s got a job in marketing now. What?!
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  • Method Acting: What About Method Counseling?

    Dec 20, 2010
    “You don’t have kids.” “How long have you been married?” “What do you know, you get paid to talk to people all day.” All these statements are different ways of our clients telling us “You don’t understand my feelings.” We don’t, and we do. I am a young counselor. I don’t have kids, and so I have gotten a defensive remark or two that suggests “what do YOU know?” Thank goodness I’m married, or I probably would have gotten flak for that too. As a result of my current childless state, it can be more than a little intimidating when the mother of a teenager crosses her arms in front of me and scowls at my huge dearth of parental knowledge.
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  • A Field Guide to Counseling During the Holidays

    Dec 13, 2010
    In the field of counseling, one must be constantly aware of one’s environment. An important aspect of the human habitat is the yearly phenomenon known as “the holidays”. Including Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Thanksgiving, this annual ritual brings with it special challenges to those who study and treat the mental processes of the adult human. To aid in this practice, I have developed a short guide to the major groups of difficult holiday clients the counselor is likely to face.
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  • Both Sides Of Grief

    Dec 01, 2010
    I’ve been on both sides of grief. I’ve been the counselor, and I’ve been the one grieving. Sometimes at the same time. The first major loss I experienced came right before the beginning of my internship, and the second as my training period comes to an end. I found it interesting to reflect upon some of the things I’ve learned through the experience.
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  • TSA Guidelines and Re-traumatization

    Nov 23, 2010
    The subject I’m about to write on has been under much debate lately for many reasons, but as a practitioner of mental health care, I have significant concerns about how it will affect a certain group of clients. We all should. I’m talking about the new TSA security guidelines. We’ve all heard the horror stories. One that struck me in particular was about a breast cancer survivor (and flight attendant, no less) who was forced to remove her breast prosthesis in public after a thorough pat-down. She ended up having to do the physical search because she was afraid to expose herself to the radiation of the other new security method: full body scans.
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