Lee Kehoe

Lee Kehoe

Lee Kehoe is a counselor working with the older adult population. It is her passion to serve the older adult population through counseling, research, and advocacy efforts, with the hope of raising awareness to the growing needs of older adults and their families. www.alz.org

  • Pets in practice: Can they really be co-therapists?

    Oct 28, 2009
    For the 74.8 million dog owners and 88.3 million cat owners in the United States1, the loyalty and love we receive from our pets contributes to lower blood pressure, lower heart rates and decreases in anxiety and stress levels in us. For me, I know that regardless of the frustrations I’ve experienced during the day, watching my three lap dogs round the corner, bounce and twirl to greet me at the door quickly brightens my mood. And days when I could really use a hug, my four-legged children are always happy to oblige. But in a clinical practice setting, could dogs (cats, horses, pocket pets, etc.) bring about those same physiological changes in our clients?
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  • Does an Adolescent with Severe Aggressive Behavior Deserve a Second Chance?

    Oct 20, 2009
    An adolescent was aggressive. He had to be physically managed by staff daily. This severely neglected youth, who also lost a brother to a drug related incident recently, was so full of feelings of rage, rejection, fear and sadness that it resulted in flurries of his fists punching the walls, beds, other residents and staff. Throughout the six months he'd been in placement at the residential youth facility, he had been the staff's biggest challenge. Most of the staff wanted him gone. Then, last week, many of these same staffers gave him the Student of the Week award.
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