Deb Del Vecchio-Scully

Deb Del Vecchio-Scully is a counselor and writer who focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. She specializes in PTSD, Chronic pain and mood disorders. For more information:

  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

    May 24, 2012
    There is perhaps nothing as frustrating as not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. I can personally attest to that! Sleep is essential for our bodies to rejuvenate and heal and when disturbed, can lead to many health issues including weight gain, migraines and headaches as well as difficulty concentrating and irritability. It is a problem that affects more than 75 million Americans according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. I see many clients affected by chronic sleep disturbance and in my experience, find it is most often related to anxiety, unmediated stress and poor sleep habits.
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  • Yoga as therapy: follow the breath

    May 14, 2012
    In a recent blog , I shared my view regarding the overlap between traditional counseling theory and yoga philosophy. Today, I will share how breathwork is a key element to yoga and to counseling. From a yogic perspective, the breath (pranayama) is the core element in yoga practice, more important than the postures themselves (asanas). I often remind my yoga students and my counseling clients, “remember to breathe”.
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  • The courage to show up

    May 07, 2012
    My day draws to a close with a disappointing end as my last appointment is a no-show. I take a moment to reflect on the journey of those who come to me in search of relief of their pain. Pain comes in many forms but most often it is physical pain they ask for freedom from. Showing up is the first step to healing all the layers of hurt, disappointment, abuse and the many reasons one suffers from pain. Showing up is the courage to begin again, to take a step toward acceptance of the deeper meaning that our pain can reveal. It surprises me that more people choose to show up at all.
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  • Can Yoga be therapy?

    Apr 30, 2012
    As someone who has practiced yoga for many years, I had often wondered earlier in my counseling career how yoga could be used therapeutically in counseling. Yoga has been shown to improve health and well being in many ways and the growth of Yoga Therapy – using traditional yogic techniques with the intention of managing health challenges to reduce symptoms, increase energy, and restore balance of the mind, body and spirit – has challenged me as a Certified Yoga Therapist to integrate the benefits of yoga into counseling. I became certified as a yoga therapist well before beginning my training in counseling. It is the lens that I see the world through and thus, my clients as well.
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  • Give Sorrow Words

    Apr 17, 2012
    A few months ago the world was mesmerized by the wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship; today the last five bodies recovered were identified. This news announcement caused me to reflect on the importance of our need to grieve and the importance in many religions of having remains to bury. This was poignantly discussed last fall when I volunteered at the VOICES of September 11th 10th Annual Day of Remembrance Information Forum. I had been asked to facilitate a roundtable discussion comprised of survivors who had lost someone during the terrorist attacks. There were many themes of loss discussed with the central theme being the need to remember and to honor their loved ones. Frustration about the inability to do so for many, because of the inability to recover remains was a particular point of their inability to grieve.
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