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Doc Warren
Nov 05, 2012

But I don’t feel 80…

I had a cool thing happen the other day. Someone came up to me and asked me how I felt to be pushing 80; I looked at him with a confused look on my face before he added "you just posted your 79th blog for ACA". He’s a clever one to be sure and proof that at least one person reads my blog, or at least looks at the number of blogs I have written. Hey, I am not too proud and will take what I can get. :O)

I decided to ask a few random people about the “80” milestone and found that they had some divergent if interesting things to say. My favorite perhaps was “hey buddy, do you mind; can’t you see I’m using the john?” He then said a few things that cannot be printed in this space. It turns out that the urinal is not a great place to spark up a conversation with a complete stranger. Who knew?

A lady who appeared to be in her 80’s herself did not seem impressed even after I explained what a blog was. She informed me that she “never got into the internets” and said I should aim higher and write for the local free paper instead. She did get “a personal computer, that’s what PC stands for don’t you know, for Christmas a few years ago. It has solitaire and everything. So impressive what those kids come up with nowadays.”

So I asked my son who as you may know has been at least partial focus of at least one of my recent blogs, what he thought of the milestone. He said something akin to “what evs, it’s cool for you I guess.” Feeling bold I asked him if he liked the blog about Silvergun and he replied “I haven’t read it yet; why, did you post it already?” yeppers, he is my biggest fan to be sure. I pointed him to his own webpage which has the link to the blog on it. I am not sure if he got to it yet or not. I won’t be holding my breath in suspense waiting for his comments though. I haven’t told him about my becoming a field editor for a major magazine yet, I am curious as to how many years it will take him to notice. I am thinking forever but it may not be that soon.

I love writing for the ACA and plan on continuing so long as anyone gets anything out of my work and the ACA gives me the space to do so. It is enjoyable to share from one’s career and personal experiences, to be serious in some and silly in others, to reflect, project, ponder and compose for those who dedicate themselves to making a difference.

I don’t delude myself into thinking that I have a large following or that what I write is ever considered a “must read” item, but I hope some of you enjoy and perhaps find something educational or otherwise useful in them. If not, it is still enjoyable to be in the process of writing.

Not every blog written ever makes it to the website; in fact I have about 40 or so that are in different stages of being complete but for whatever reason were never totally finished and submitted. Sometimes I lose passion for the topic, other times I see that I fellow blogger has recently written on the topic so I keep mine to myself, and still others just never quite feel right. I pride myself on trying to have an original style and a unique voice. I am not saying that I meet that goal all the time but I do my best not to rehash topics covered by others and to use my voice. Some folks like it while others I am sure find it annoying.

While trying to be original, non repetitive and unique, there are times when I find myself growing frustrated with writing. To paraphrase Curt Cobain, there are only so many combinations of words that can be used. Writing in a sense is all about recycling but recycling in a way that makes it seem fresh and new. So with that in mind I am reaching out to my “dozen and dozen of readers” (yes, I am paraphrasing Mick Foley here) and asking you to email me with subjects and ideas of what you would want to see covered in future blog posts. I can be reached at and I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Warren Corson III (Doc Warren) is a counselor and the clinical & executive director of a community counseling agency in central CT (

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