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Kimberly Beck
Oct 25, 2012

Licensed Independent Social Workers vs. Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselors

This topic has been on my mind lately. The fact that ONLY LISW can treat Medicare clients while PCCs cannot. We are trained to treat many issues; in fact we may have more knowledge than LISW’s on some issues. I have my PhD in counseling yet am not allowed to work with Medicare clients. I had a few of my clients go to Medicare and I could no longer treat them because I’m not an LISW. I am an LSW (Licensed social worker) and a PCC-S. Why do I not qualify?

I think us counselors need to lobby for this issue. We need to be able to offer services to any client in need, regardless if they are Medicare or not. We need to fire up and lobby for this interest. I think there is a house bill regarding this? I know I need to find out and help our lobbyists to lobby for this issue. Our lobbyists need money to lobby, please consider donating... I am from Ohio so I don’t know if this is different in another state but us Ohioans need to lobby like crazy about this bill. There I got it off my mind and into my blog... hope it helps...

If anyone knows more about this issue please feel free to write about it to help us.

Kimberly Beck is a counselor with a special interest in Self-injury. Other interests are PTSD, trauma, and Borderline personality disorder.

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