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Nicole Michaud
Jun 12, 2012

The open road is infinitely hopeful

It is an amazing position to be at the end of an immensely important chapter of my life while simultaneously beginning a brilliant new phase. I still can’t quite believe that this week will be my final week as a Masters level intern.

My journey has been a long one filled with such a mix of magical and overwhelming moments. I can hardly believe how many life events happened while I was working on my degree. There were the amazingly joyful ones such as getting married, buying our first home and having our two beautiful lovies. There were of course the struggles, both personally and academically. It was certainly not an easy road. There were times when I would be in tears of exhaustion and frustration over a seemingly impossible assignment. I admit there were nights where I just wanted to seriously give in and give up. I felt so worn down and felt I had nothing left to give.

Looking back now I can truly say I am grateful for every one of those tough moments. They helped me to challenge myself and to really prove what this work means to me. I can honestly say I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the work that makes me feel I am living out the purpose I was meant for. As much as I know this work can be difficult and take so much more than your time, I know in my soul that this work is what will allow me to feel complete.

I look to my future and feel an incredible sense of excitement and hope, for myself as well as for my future clients. I do have some sad emotions about having to leave my current clients and my internship site. However, I know this is the process and I have to believe that I will take what I learned with me and use it to fuel doing more good. I also hope that the work I have done will leave a positive influence on those I worked with.

I am so very grateful for the opportunities I have been given. I was lucky to have an amazing supervisor who saw me through my first days and weeks as a budding therapist up until today. I can happily say I consider all the staff dear friends now and look forward to a continued collaboration. I also had wonderful classmates led by an incredible professor who really became like a little family over the past year of practicum and internship. Their support really kept me going. Most importantly I had my key family and friends who supported me, the greatest of them being my dear husband. I can never thank him enough for all of the love and support he has given me. Despite the many sacrifices he had to make to support my dream he always made me feel it was his dream a little too, to be able to see me do this.

He actually just gave me the most beautiful surprise tonight as a pre graduation gift at a small family get together, tickets to go and walk in my graduation in Minneapolis. He wanted the graduation process to feel more real for me since I am an online student. He also said he wanted me to feel like my Dad would be able to be there to see me in spirit. It was the most beautiful gesture and I realize I am so blessed. As I look to my future I cannot help but feel extremely hopeful.

Nicole Michaud is a Counselor in training in Central Connecticut. She is also the voice behind the cooking Blog

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