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Doc Warren
Feb 22, 2012

Putting the community back into community counseling: a blogger reflects on 50

Milestones are important in that they can give us a built in time to reflect, recognize, regroup and plan ahead. The other day I noticed that the ACA blog list of Authors put numbers besides our names that indicates the amount of posts we have submitted. I realized for the first time that I had 50 blogs for the ACA. Ok, so I am a little late as this is actually my 52nd blog for the ACA but a little late is better than never at all; I hope you agree. Feeling nostalgic or perhaps just too tired to start the mountain of waiting paperwork that is piled ever so high on my desk (defying physics I do believe, as it stands far higher than I would have thought mathematically possible. Oh how I love managed care), I set out to review the titles of my submitted blogs and to reread a select few. Some I remembered fondly while others I had to skim to remember; I guess that is to be expected. I noticed that among other topics I have written about faith, self care, farming, real issues, marketing, death, rape, reflection, suicide, empty nest syndrome, grief, private practice, managed care, learning from others, veterans affairs, leaving comfort zones and a host of other topics. Some blogs have been read hundreds of times, one as of this writing one has been read 1,805 times. Many received no official replies via the ACA page while one had 10 comments (comments are hard to define though as I have received feedback via my web site, Facebook and email as well of via the ACA blog page. For this count I am using only those via ACA. Interesting to me is the most read blog that dealt with the Simpson’s was not even close to the most commented blog post. I guess you never can tell what will resonate the most with readers. If asked what blog is my favorite, I really could not pick. Personally speaking my favorite ones are ones that I share knowledge imparted by others. I Loved parts of “It’s Not a Trailer If It Precedes You and Other Farm Wisdom” as it allowed me to borrow the voice of others and to share some of their wisdom, wisdom that you may never have had access to unless you visited the farm. I love to help amplify the voices of others. Some blogs that meant a lot to me seemed to fail to reach you. It may be that the topic or title was of no real interest, it could have been bad timing, or frankly it could simply be that what I like is in the minority of the ACA blog readers. It is really hard to know. But I do want to know what if anything you have liked from my blogs. What have been things that you have not cared for? What would you like to read more of? Do you like the farm wisdom components or do you prefer the more “clinical” posts? Are you a fan of the storytelling format or do you prefer the more formal? As I prepare to write my next 50 blogs I hope to hear more from you so that I may make the blog something that you will continue to read and share with others. Be safe and do good.

Warren Corson III (Doc Warren) is a counselor and the clinical & executive director of a community counseling agency in central CT (

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