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Deb Legge
Apr 12, 2010

So… What Made A Difference For You Last Week?

Is “counseling”, or “teaching” all you did last week?  Of course not.

I’m CONFIDENT that you did things to enhance your practice of counseling or teaching; things that will help out your clients or students, or things that will make you even better for them in the future.

My GUESS is that you did things to satisfy or better your home, family, relationships, and other obligations. You probably asked at least three other people in your life what you could do help out.

My HOPE is that you did a few things for yourself last week too!  Did you spend some time enjoying your hobbies?  Did you take the time to go to the gym?  Did you ask for help when you needed it?

My QUESTION is, what was it about your last week that made it special, satisfying, or memorable?  What gave you the energy and perspective to continue to love what you do for yet another week?

Last week I spent a morning running a couple of errands that made me smile.  I test drove a car I will never buy.  I spent HOURS writing a new program on How To Achieve Freedom In Private Practice. I decided to try (one more time) to raise a couple of plants without killing them.  All of these things make me smile as I blog.

As much as I love counseling and teaching, those “other” things made last week different from the week before.  It’s easy for me to find meaning in my work; I have to (purposely) shift my perspective to bring “home” that focus.

Did you do something different; something that will make last week memorable?  Did you do something (apart from your work) that allowed you to see an amazing part of you that you hadn’t seen in a long time (or perhaps ever)?  Did you do something that allowed you to take a new direction or turn in your relationships; your spirituality?  Did you laugh until your sides hurt?  Did you weep until you felt an incredible release?

Counseling & teaching are noble professions; professions that take a lot of energy and stamina.  What do you do to keep up your energy?   For me, and at this point in my career, it is the “other stuff” that is my fuel; my balance.  It’s the “other stuff” that helps me to continue to LOVE counseling & teaching after all these years.

Deborah Legge ( is a Private Practice Mentor and is the founder of  She is a counselor in private practice and an assistant professor at Medaille College.

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