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Deb Legge
Mar 16, 2010

Sharing Your Expertise… Online!

I promised you that my next blog would be on the third item on my list of exciting opportunities for counselors working in our “brave new world”: Online Training & Education Options. Well… here it is! My guess is that at least several times each month you get emails, postcards, flyers, and brochures that outline continuing education opportunities. Do you read them? Do you delete them or toss them into the trash without even opening them? Perhaps you glance at them and decide which ones might be helpful or worthwhile.

You’ve probably noticed the increase in the number of colleges and universities that are now offering online certifications and online degrees. One of the veterans of this type of delivery is the University of Phoenix, which is said to have the largest undergraduate population in the country (across all of its campuses). My guess is that you have an expertise or specialization that other therapists would benefit by learning from you. If others could watch you do what you do best, might they learn something they can use in their work with their clients?

These are just three of the many opportunities that exist for you in the “brave new world” of Online Training & Education. You see each of the seminars, workshops, and classes offered by the training institutes and educational facilities require professionals to teach them. And… every day people are surfing the net to find new information about how to help their clients.

Here are a few ways that you might find your place in Online Training & Education:
Do a web search for online programs in your areas of expertise & explore their websites. You should find the information you’ll need to teach as an adjunct or become part of their faculty
Search for private organizations that do workshops and seminars (just check the return addresses on the many emails, postcards, and brochures you get each month). Each of those workshops & seminars need leaders/educators to deliver the information; why not you?
Buy a quality (yet inexpensive) camera that will record video in MP4 format (I use a Flip®). Prepare a training of your own that teaches a skill or technique that others might find helpful. There are many inexpensive ways to promote your video on the internet
If you’d like to do your own workshop or seminar but you don’t want the expense of renting a room and buying coffee and donuts, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial on one of those online seminar rooms. You can invite an unlimited number of attendees who can join you at the “webinar” or who can watch it after the fact.

Online Education & Training options can help you diversify your practice and your career. Many of my Private Practice coaching clients enjoy doing workshops or teaching at the undergraduate or graduate level. Next time we’ll talk about building a “new and improved” Private Practice.

Deborah Legge is a counselor in private practice and an assistant professor at Medaille College. She specializes in coaching counselors in private practice and is the founder of

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