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  • DavidStaten

    Proposed Response to Police Brutality

    • David Staten
    Jul 14, 2016
    Recently, the United States of America has experienced an alarming increase in police brutality against people of color, especially African American males. There have been numerous incidents of unarmed African American males being killed by law enforcement officers across the nation.
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  • Rhonda Bryant

    Mind-Set and Heart-Set

    • Rhonda Bryant
    Feb 08, 2016
    Since its inception, the counseling profession has positioned itself on the front-lines of social change and the amelioration of social disparities. For example, from Frank Parsons’ brave Boston Vocational Bureau movement to Carl Rogers’ groundbreaking peace and reconciliation work in apartheid era South Africa, counselors have demonstrated the grit, skill, and determination necessary to bring unification, valuing of differences, and resolution of conflict at micro, meso, and macro societal levels. Our profession’s core values of care, compassion, and empathy have and continue to serve society well during difficult times.
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  • Elena Yee

    Will We Respond?

    • Elena Yee
    May 27, 2015
    Since my last posting, racism continues to rear its ugly head in places like Baltimore and Cleveland. Much of it is due to the realities of brutality and oppression and the institutionalizing of racism in police enforcement in the United States. All of this reminded me of the session I attended at the ACA conference in Orlando this past March
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    • Evelyn O. Pavlova
    Oct 07, 2014
    This post is dedicated to White people with the goal to increase awareness of White privilege, which may not be very pleasant to read. Please note that Whiteness is a race, not nationality or ethnicity.
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  • Nothing About Us Without Us

    • Robbin Miller
    Dec 12, 2013
    It is almost the end of year for 2013. The law for mental health professionals to bill for Medicare reimbursements is still not passed by Congress. The Affordable Healthcare Act goes into effect next month in which some insurers will be lowering reimbursements for outpatient mental health services.
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  • Social Justice in Progress Part II:

    • Robbin Miller
    Nov 06, 2013
    In a past blog, I wrote about my volunteer experiences as a social justice advocate for persons with developmental disabilities. I wrote that I would update members on how their meeting went with the Director of the Regional Transit Authority that occurred the last week in October.
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  • Social Justice in Action

    • Robbin Miller
    Sep 25, 2013
    I am glad to be back as a blog writer for ACA. I am writing about my work as a volunteer advocate for a grassroots group I belong to in my neck of the woods. The name of my group is REDD (Rights, Equality for the Dignity of the Disabled). REDD’s mission is to promote the civil rights for persons with disabilities. Members can be individuals with/out disabilities who want to get involved. For the past year, REDD is working with several members called Self-Advocates who belong to an organization for individuals with developmental disabilities. I invited a few of them to a REDD meeting in December 2012 to talk about their issues with the local transportation system.
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  • Corrections Behavioral Health

    • Nancy White
    Jun 13, 2013
    It has been a long time since I have contributed to the ACA Blog. Corrections Behavioral Health is busy during the spring and early summer months.
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  • Angry Black Woman

    • Andrea Holyfield
    May 06, 2013
    So I’ve been thinking about this idea of the Angry Black woman. Specifically, I’ve been relating this concept to the workplace. I recently attended a diversity training where the presenter was arming us with tools on how to work with a client that has persistent anger related to her job, boss or co-workers. We were empowered with breathing exercises, visualization exercises and friendly confrontational techniques to help our female client deal with the irrational ideas that she was holding that was creating anger. What I never heard was how to work with a client who has the right to be angry.
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  • The Elders, Equality and Human Rights

    • Deb Del Vecchio-Scully
    Apr 01, 2013
    The news has been filled with stories this week of equality and human rights regarding the right to choose whom to marry. There have been many personal stories shared on the nightly news of disenfranchisement, discrimination and unfairness by those brave enough willing to risk their privacy and their financial security to advocate for their rights. It has been empowering to witness.
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