Ethics Competition Results

The scores from the 2015-2016 Graduate Student Ethics Competition have been tallied, and the final results are in! Congratulations to all of the teams that placed, and thank you to everyone who participated.

(All members of winning teams will be notified about their prizes shortly.)

Previous winners can be found by clicking here.

Master’s Level Winners

First place: Northeastern Illinois University

Faculty Adviser: Shedeh Tavakoli
Student #1: Leslie Contos
Student #2: David Jarosz
Student #3: Megha Patel
Student #4: Rohini Sunder Raj

Second place: College of William and Mary

Faculty Adviser: Eleni Honderich
Student #1: Isaiah Day
Student#2: Ashley Hazelgrove
Student#3: Megan Johnson
Student #4: Janet C. Brantley

Third place: Neumann University

Faculty Adviser: S. Suzanne Mayer
Student #1: Elizabeth Barr
Student #2: Stephanie Fortunato
Student #3: Laura Strubeck

Honorable mention: Eastern Mennonite University

Faculty Adviser: Nate Koser
Student #1: Lisa Reo
Student #2: Rebecca Wright
Student #3: Tija Krneta
Student #4: Michael McAndrew

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Doctoral Level Winners

First place: College of William and Mary

Faculty Adviser:  Eleni Honderich
Student #1: Brian Kooyman
Student #2: Rebecca Sheffield
Student #3: Clay Martin
Student #4: Keosha Branch

Second place: University of Cincinnati

Faculty Adviser: Mei Tang
Student #1: Meredith Montgomery
Student#2: Elıf Emir-Öksüz
Student#3: Mitchell Jones
Student #4:Victoria Baah-Binney

Third place: University of New Orleans

Faculty Adviser: Barbara Herlihy
Student #1: Jeff Strozier
Student #2: Alexis Yankowski Mueller
Student #3: Anita Pool
Student #4: Melissa Walker

Honorable mention: Texas A&M University—Commerce Campus

Faculty Adviser: Erika Schmit
Student #1: Denise Walker
Student #2: Siobhan Flowers
Student #3: Melissa McCarthy
Student #4: Shannon Moseley

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