Ethics Competition Results

The scores from the 2014-2015 Graduate Student Ethics Competition have been tallied, and the final results are in! Congratulations to all of the teams that placed, and thank you to everyone who participated.

(All members of winning teams will be notified about their prizes shortly.)

Master’s Level Winners

See the Master's Level ethics scenario here

Lindsey Wilson College

Faculty Member:  Mona Gallo
Student #1: Alyssa P. Vitali
Student #2: Carson E. Economy
Student #3: Corinne B. Mattingly
Student #4: Antoinette G. Lee

See this team's entry essay here

Plymouth State

Faculty Member: Michael M. Mariska
Student #1: Ryan S. Aquilina
Student #2: Karen McLendon
Student #3: Kathryn Doucet

See this team's entry essay here

Salem College
Faculty Member: John S. Gerstmyer
Student #1: Katie M. Chilton
Student #2: Donya T. Headen
Student #3: Mary G. Roycroft

See this team's entry essay here

Honorable Mention
University of Colorado – Colorado Springs 

Faculty Member: Bita A. Rivas
Student #1: Audrey L. Miller
Student #2: Casey J. Kelly 
Student #3: Lyndsey M. Klemme 
Student #4: Larry C. Halby

See this team's entry essay here

Doctoral Level Winners

See the Doctoral Level ethics scenario here

Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

Faculty Member: Marvarene Oliver
Student #1: Erika L. Schmit
Student #2: Michael K. Schmit
Student #3: Samantha L. Klassen
Student #4: Rachel K. Henesy

See this team's entry essay here

The University of Toledo

Faculty Member: Nick J. Piazza
Student #1: Malvika Behl
Student #2: Juliet C. Russell 
Student #3: Andrew J. Intagliata
Student #4: Kyle J. Brezinski

See this team's entry essay here

University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Faculty Member: Melinda Gibbons
Student #1: Everett Painter
Student #2: Allie Rhinehart
Student #3: Anna Lora Taylor
Student #4: Sharon Leah Bruner

See this team's entry essay here

Honorable Mention
Duquesne University

Faculty Member: William J. Casile
Student #1: Elisabeth B. Simpson
Student #2: Alexandra Varela
Student #3: Monica Pattillo
Student #4: Michelle Colarusso

See this team's entry essay here


Master's Level: 

Andrews University
Kean University
University of Central Florida
Virginia Tech
Antioch University
Appalachian State
The Chicago School
College of William & Mary
Duquesne University
Troy University – Panama City
Grand Rapids University
Heidelberg University
Holy Family University
Kutztown University
Neumann University
SUNY - New Paltz
University of Phoenix - Western Michigan campus
University of Toledo
Western Carolina University
Youngstown University

Doctoral Level: 

Regents University
East Carolina University
Argosy University - Denver
Argosy University - DC
Capella University
College of William & Mary
University  of North Texas
University of Arkansas
University of Wyoming
University of Akron
Marymount University

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