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The ACA Center for Counseling Practice, Policy, and Research was developed to create, archive, disseminate and promote exemplary counseling practice information and resources for professional counselors, counselor educators, supervisors, students, legislators, the media and other consumers of applied counseling knowledge and to advocate for optimum counselor work and training conditions. The vision of the ACA Center is to be seen as both the premier place to obtain information and resources that focus on cutting edge practices and to be viewed as the focus of the counseling profession’s advocacy efforts for high quality workforce conditions. Please provide us feedback for additional services you would like to see and for the ACA Center’s continuous improvement.

Counselor Liability Risk

The American Counseling Association and the Center for Counseling Practice, Policy, and Research partnered with CNA to conduct a study on counselors' liability risks. We are pleased to provide to our ACA members the final report of this study: “2014 CNA Counselors Claim Report: Understanding Counselor Liability Risks.” The purpose of the study was to utilize CNA’s pool of counselor professional liability claims from the HPSO program to identify current liability patterns and trends.  By analyzing the claims which are most frequent and most severe (resulting in significant financial loss), the report’s final results can raise awareness of the factors that are most likely to have serious adverse consequences for both clients and counselors. Using this report, counselors can examine their current practices, in relation to the claims and losses experienced by their peers, in order to better understand the risks and challenges they encounter on a daily basis.  The new report includes:

  • An analysis of counselor malpractice claims over a ten-year period 2003-2012, which identifies current counselor liability patterns and trends most likely to affect counselors’ practices
  • An analysis of claims for Deposition Assistance and Records Request Matters
  • An analysis of licensing and regulatory board/license protection actions
  • Highlights from HPSO’s Work Profile that examine the relationship between key workplace factors and professional liability exposure
  • Risk management recommendations, case scenarios, and a self-assessment checklist that has been created to help counselors and firms reduce their liability exposure 

Practice Briefs

ACA Practice Briefs are short, research-based summaries of best practices, evidence-based practices, and research-based approaches covering a wide variety of client-presenting issues and counseling topics.

Practice Briefs


The Scholars-in-Residence program will offer two professionals an opportunity to gain practical experience in activities, special assignments, and/or research projects that support federal, state, and community-based programs, policies, and best practices in various counseling settings: Schools, Hospitals and Community Agencies.


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