20/20: Oversight Committee

The 20/20 Oversight Committee included members of the presidential teams from ACA and AASCB, the two sponsoring organizations.

Oversight Committee members included:

  • Patricia Arredondo
  • Leona Bishop
  • Brad Erford
  • Marcheta Evans
  • Charlie Gagnon
  • Sam Gladding (Facilitator)
  • Bill Green
  • Chris Greene
  • Lisa Jackson-Cherry
  • Carol Buchanan Jones
  • David Kaplan (Administrative Coordinator)
  • Kurt Kraus (Facilitator)
  • Lynn Linde
  • Don W Locke
  • Colleen Logan
  • Barry Mascari
  • Marie Wakefield
  • Vilia Tarvydas
  • Cirecie West-Olatunji
  • Jim Wilson

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