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Mar 11, 2013

Plans for Revamping the SAT College Admissions Test

The College Board’s new president and co-writer of the Common Core State Standards, David Coleman, is leading the charge for a redesign process of the SAT college admissions test. The goal? To better meet the needs of students and schools. In Coleman’s announcement email to College Board members, he explains, “We will develop an assessment that mirrors the work that students will do in college so that they will practice the work they need to do to complete college. An improved SAT will strongly focus on the core knowledge and skills that evidence shows are most important to prepare students for the rigors of college and career.”

The three broad objectives, as shared in Coleman’s email, that will drive the redesign process include:

• Increase the value of the SAT to students by focusing on a core set of knowledge and skills that are essential to college and career success; reinforcing the practice of enriching and valuable schoolwork; fostering greater opportunities for students to make successful transitions into post-secondary education; and ensuring equity and fairness.

 • Increase the value of the SAT to higher education professionals by ensuring that the SAT meets the evolving needs of admission officers, faculty, and other administrators, and that the SAT remains a valid and reliable predictor of college success.

 • Increase the value of the SAT to K–12 educators, administrators and counselors by strengthening the alignment of the SAT to college and career readiness; ensuring that the content reflects excellence in classroom instruction; and developing companion tools that allow educators to use SAT results to improve curriculum and instruction.

ACA recognizes the need for school counselors to understand testing changes and how it will impact the diverse student body with whom school counselors work. As this process proceeds, we will communicate changes and potential feedback opportunities for College Board.

In the meantime, here are a few current Washington Post articles on the topic:

SAT Exam to Redesigned (2-26-2013)
College Board to make Changes to SAT
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