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Thank you for your interest in submitting comments for the ACA letter about proposed revisions to the DSM. The DSM Task force completed our work on 4/1/2010. While it was impossible to include all the suggestions that members made, we wanted to thank everyone that sent in comments and attended the town hall meeting. We know that many others have assisted in promoting communication and educating members on the changes to the DSM. While we only had a short time, we reviewed all comments left on ACA's webpage, emailed directly to ACA leaders, and provided at the town hall meeting at our 2010 convention. Without your comments and support, many of our "Interest Points" would have taken a different perspective.

We want to thank you for your support and encourage you to post comments on APA's site ) before the April 20 deadline and continue to check back to ACA's site to see the letter from President Linde to the American Psychiatric Association.


Charles Pemberton Camille Clay Stephanie Dailey Rebecca Daniel-Burke Karyn Dayle Jones Monica Kintigh Jacqueline Swank
ACA DSM Task Force

No further comments are being collected. See this site for additional updates.

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