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ACA Presents: An Afternoon With Dr. Irv Yalom

This unique webinar experience features an hour-long interview with living legend, Dr. Irv Yalom, conducted by ACA's own Rebecca Daniel-Burke… followed by a live 30-minute Q&A session. Join Rebecca for an unforgettable exploration of Dr. Yalom's work: his award-winning books, his psychotherapy practice, his passions, interests, and so much more.

Watch the exclusive interview then participate in the live Q&A session.

April 30, 2014, 1-2:30 ET
1-2 (Interview); 2-2:30 (Q&A)

$49 for ACA members, $79 for non-members
1.5 CEs 

Early registrants may submit a question for possible use during Rebecca's interview.

"This is the most intriguing novel I've read in many a year. Irvin Yalom has created a taut, deeply informative page turner. I enthusiastically recommend The Spinoza Problem."
Sir Anthony Hopkins, actor

"Irvin Yalom is the most significant writer of psychological fiction in the world today. I didn't think he could top When Nietzsche Wept or The Schopenhauer Cure, but he has. The Spinoza Problem is a masterpiece."
Martin E. P. Seligman, author of Flourish, Past President of American Psychological Association 

"I believe Irv Yalom to be the greatest living psychotherapist. He speaks to counselors, psychiatrists, and others with the same depth of knowledge and inspiration. As a brand new counselor, I read Love's Executioner. The rich stories of the relationship with the client really spoke to me. More than twenty years later I read 'Staring at the Sun' and was again deeply moved by Dr. Yalom's views on life, work, and death. His profound and timeless writings not only inspired a young clinician, they helped a seasoned professional to embrace and celebrate the magic of our work."
Rebecca Daniel-Burke, ACA Director of Professional Development

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NEW ACA 2014 Code of Ethics: A 6-part webinar series - 6 weeks, 6 topics, 6 CEs

Wednesday May 14th 1-2pm EST
Ethics, Competence, Values, & Referrals
Presenters: Perry Francis and Linda Shaw

Description: Our ethics now address the issues of referrals, values, and competence.  We will review those ethics and cases that will help you provide a quality standard of care for a diverse client population.

Dr. Perry FrancisBio: Dr. Perry C. Francis is a practicing counselor & supervisor and counselor educator at Eastern Michigan University where he coordinates the Counseling Training Clinic and is a professor of counseling.  Perry served as the chair of the Ethics Revision Task Force for the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics.

Linda R. ShawBio: Linda R. Shaw is a Professor and Department Head in the Department of Disability and Psycho-educational Studies at the University of Arizona.  A licensed mental health counselor, Dr. Shaw is the former chair of the Ethics Committee of the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.

Wednesday May 21st, 1-2pm EST
Gatekeeping & Relationship Boundaries for Counselor Educators
Presenters: Shawn Spurgeon and Lynn Linde

Description: As counselor educators, we want to provide the highest level of services we can for our students.  But there are many constraints under which we work, one of which is the boundaries we must keep between ourselves and those with whom we work.   How we navigate these issues is at the heart of ethical practice.  This webinar will focus on the boundaries that are specific to counselor education and working with students and supervisees.

Dr. Shawn SpurgeonBio: Shawn Spurgeon, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tennessee and North Carolina and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. Dr. Spurgeon sat on the Ethics Revision Task Force for the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics.

Dr. Lynn LindeBio: Lynn E. Linde, Ed.D.,  is Clinical Assistant Professor, The School Counseling Program, Education Specialties Department, Loyola University Maryland School of Education. She has held a number of leadership positions in the ACA and its entities and was the 2009–2010 President and the 2012-13 Treasurer of the ACA.

Wednesday June 4th, 1-2pm EST
Resolving Ethical Issues/Ethical Decision-Making
Presenter: Jeanette Baca

Description: Dr. Baca will present on Ethical Decision-making and the use of an ethical decision-making model.

Dr. Jeannette BacaBio: Jeannette Baca is an adjunct professor of counseling, licensed professional counselor, and licensed school counselor. Dr. Baca served as president of the New Mexico Counseling Association, was ethics chair for 6 years and served on the ACA Ethics Revision Task Force for the past 3 years.

Wednesday June 11th, 1-2pm EST
Technology, Social Media, & Distance Counseling
Presenters: Michelle Wade and Jeanette Baca

Description: Distance Counseling, Technology, and Social Media is a brand new section in the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics. It provides ethical considerations and guidance for the use of these mediums in the profession and with clients. The webinar will help explain the rationale behind the new standards and help counselors develop new protocol for counseling in the 21st century.

Michelle E. WadeBio: Michelle E. Wade is an Ethics Specialist for the American Counseling Association as well as an LCPC in Maryland. She is a doctoral candidate from Argosy University – DC whose dissertation focuses on social media and counseling. She has contributed to articles and books, as well as done numerous presentations, on the topic of the use of technology in counseling.

Dr. Jeannette BacaBio: Jeannette Baca is an adjunct professor of counseling, licensed professional counselor, and licensed school counselor. Dr. Baca served as president of the New Mexico Counseling Association, was ethics chair for 6 years and served on the ACA Ethics Revision Task Force for the past 3 years.

Wednesday June 18th, 1-2pm EST
Professional Responsibilities of the Counselor
Presenters: Jan Disney and Richard Watts

Description: This webinar, will focus on issues involving practice concerns including marketing yourself and building your practice, maintaining competence and self-care, and being responsible to your employees, coworkers and the public.  Ethical issues related to use of treatment modalities will also be discussed.

Dr. M. Janelle DisneyBio: M. Janelle Disney, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT is currently a Professor in the Counseling Department at Argosy University Atlanta.  In addition to membership on the ACA Ethics Revision Task Force Dr. Disney has been in clinical practice providing counseling, assessments, and supervision for more than 30 years working in Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, and Atlanta.

Dr. Richard E. WattsBio: Richard E. Watts, Ph.D., LPC-S is University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Research and Doctoral Studies in Counselor Education at Sam Houston State University.  He regularly publishes and presents on ethical and values issues in counseling, and served on the Ethics Revision Task Force that developed the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics.

Wednesday June 25th, 1-2pm EST
Fees, Fee Splitting, Bartering, Gifts and other billing issues
Presenter: Burt Bertram

Description: Fees and fee-splitting are very complex subjects.  A seasoned clinician will discuss fees along with bartering, gifts, and other billing issues.

Dr. Burt BertramBio: Burt Bertram, EdD, is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in the Orlando area for over 35 years. Additionally, Burt is adjunct faculty in the Graduate Studies in Mental health Counseling program at Rollins College where he teaches ethics and other subjects. He is the co-author of The Counselor and the Law: A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice.

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  • Distance Counseling, HITECH, and HIPAA: Navigating Compliance, the Law, and Ethics

  • Confronting the Darkness: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, Suicide Assessment, and Counselor Self-Care After Client Suicide

  • DSM-5 Specifics, Drilling Down With the New Diagnostic Tools

  • DSM-5: Navigating the New Terrain

  • Developing Your Own Integrative Theory of Counseling

  • The Bootstrapper's Guide to Building a Private Practice from Scratch

  • Counseling Our Troops, Veterans, and Military Families: Cutting Edge Strategies

  • Adult ADHD: Help Your Clients to Thrive: if they have ADHD (or think they might)

  • The Secrets to Surviving Infidelity

  • Depression: New and Emerging Treatment Strategies

  • Neuroscience: The Cutting Edge of Counseling's Future

  • Why does culture matter? Isn't counseling just counseling regardless?

  • Creative Counseling When You Don't Have Time To Be Creative

  • The Counselor and the Law: Avoiding the "Dirty Dozen" Legal and Ethics Traps

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You can register at any time, but registration will close for each live event one hour prior to the event. If you register after one or more webinars have already occurred, you will be able to access the previous webinars on-demand.

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Latest News

Help ACA design the 2014 For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only conference series in Hawaii!

by Don Kenneally | Apr 11, 2013
ACA really enjoys paying as much attention as we can to graduate students and new professionals and we need your help to do so.

Dear Graduate Students and New Professionals,

ACA really enjoys paying as much attention as we can to graduate students and new professionals and we need your help to do so.

An important ACA initiative is our special For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only conference series. Each year at the annual conference, ACA provides education sessions by some of the most famous authors, theorists, and leaders in professional counseling on topics specifically chosen by graduate students and new professionals. Previous For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only presentations have included:

  • Patricia Arredondo—Making the Most of Supervision.
  • Gerald Corey—Finding a Meaningful Life After Graduate School.
  • Gerald Corey, Marianne Corey, & Jamie Bludworth—Becoming a Professional Counselor
  • Rebecca Daniel-Burke—Finding a Counseling Job in This Lousy Economy. A New Opportunity: Getting a Job in Integrated Care.
  • Marcheta Evans—What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know About Mindfulness.
  • Jo-Ann Lipford Sanders—What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know About the Current State of Multiculturalism.
  • Carman Gill & Stephanie Dailey—Got Spirit? Our Clients Do.
  • Sam Gladding—What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know About Humor in Counseling.
  • Sam Gladding & Donna Henderson—Keeping the Boundaries From Breaking in Counselor Education: Professor/Student Relationships.
  • Jane Goodman—Master Teaching Techniques for Rookie Counselor Educators.
  • Allen & Mary Ivey—What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know About Neuroscience.
  • Marty Jencius—What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know About Social Media.
  • Jeffrey Kottler—What Can I Do With My Counseling Degree? Career Options for Graduate Students and New Professionals.
  • Courtland Lee—Let Your Degree be Your Passport: International Opportunities for Graduate Students and New Professionals.
  • Lynn Linde—Office Politics 101.
  • Sandra Lopez-Baez—Practical Pointers for Graduate Students and Professionals.
  • Deborah Legge—Preparing Graduate students and New Professionals for Success in Private Practice.
  • Chris Moll—From Backpacks to Briefcases: Making the Transition From Graduate Student to Professional Counselor.
  • Jane Myers—Wellness & Self-Care for Graduate Students and New Professionals.
  • Beverly O’Bryant—Knowing me, Supporting Me, and Marketing Me.
  • Cynthia Osborne, Pamela Paisley & Jack Culbreth—How to Find Post-Grad Supervision on a Shoestring Budget.
  • Mark Pope—How to Get Through Your Dissertation (and Graduate).
  • Anneliese Singh—“Do Ask, Do Tell”: Current LGBTQ Issues in Counseling for Graduate Students and New Professionals.
  • Don W. Locke—Building Skills and Advocating for the Counseling Profession.

ACA needs your help in determining the lineup for the 2014 ACA conference in Hawaii next March. We would love to have you respond to the following two questions: 1.—Other than a faculty member in your own program, who is a famous counselor that you would enjoy seeing (and meeting) at the conference? Who is the person most likely to get the following reaction from you: “I can’t believe I’m seeing her/him in person!”

2. What topic(s) would you like to see at the 2014 conference for the For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only series? Most of our student attendees are enrolled in master’s degree programs, so while we certainly want doctoral level related programs, we are especially desirous of topics that are meaningful to master’s level students and new professionals.

ACA thanks you for your willingness to help construct the 2014 For Graduate Students and New Professionals Only series. The ACA conference is the world’s largest conference for professional counselors (3,500 attended the Cincinnati conference last month) and we hope that everyone can come to Hawaii. For information on the conference – including how to submit a proposal before the June 5th deadline- visit Even if you can’t attend we still would love to have your ideas for the series.

You can send your thoughts directly to ACA at