Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Sponsorships include:

  • Logo and link to your site and identification as a sponsor on the ACA Conference Site
  • ¼-page “Spotlight on Conference Sponsors” in the March 2014 issue of Counseling Today
  • 1/2-page ad in the 2014 Conference Program Guide
  • Tote bag insert
  • Logo recognition on the sponsors page in the 2014 Conference Program Guide
  • Prominent signage at your booth

Tote Bags $20,000 
This is a premiere marketing opportunity. Make tens of thousands of impressions with your company’s name and logo on every attendee’s tote bag. These high-quality tote bags are used throughout the conference and beyond.

Welcome Reception & Expo Grand Opening $15,000
Your company will kick off the conference by sponsoring this free event FOR ALL ATTENDEES on Thursday, March 27, 2014 from 4:30 -7 p.m. Prominent signage will announce your sponsorship, and tables will be placed near the food stations for your marketing materials.

Lunch in the Expo $15,000
Your company name and logo on signage at each food station reminds attendees that you made it easy for them to have a delicious, complimentary meal and keeps them in the exhibit hall, where you have the opportunity to network.

Mobile App $12,000
Details on this exclusive sponsorship coming soon.

Customized Hotel Key Card Sponsorship $10,000 
Your logo and message, along with ACA’s logo, will be imprinted on each hotel key card used by all conference attendees. Keys provide exposure multiple times each day – every time attendees enter or leave their rooms. The keys are the first thing they receive upon check-in and the last item they use before heading home.

Shuttle Buses $10,000
Spread your message all over Honolulu on the ACA Conference & Expo shuttle buses. Thousands of attendees will use the shuttle buses each day to move between ACA’s headquarters hotel and the Hawaii Convention Center. Your logo and message will be used in signage on each bus and at the bus pick-up/drop-off points.

Cyber Lounge $10,000
Your company’s name and logo will be on the start-up page of each of the computers in the Cyber Lounge, with a link to your website included. Located in the center of the Expo. This is where attendees can go to check their e-mail throughout the conference.

Badge Lanyards $7,500 
Every attendee wears a badge. Sponsoring the badge lanyards is exclusive and provides you with high visibility throughout the entire conference.

Poster Sessions $7,500 
Poster sessions are a huge draw to the Expo and are very important to attendees. Overhead signage above the poster session area and your exhibit booth recognizes your company as the sponsor. Plus you receive all the other benefits in the bulleted list above.

Graduate Students and New Professionals Center Sponsorship: $7,500 
Graduate students and new professionals are the future of the counseling marketplace. There is no better way to grab their attention and loyalty than to provide them with food and a comfortable place to visit with other students, professors and colleagues. You can provide presentations of your choice. Your company logo will be on the entrance unit to this area, and ACA will help you to set your program with this growing and influential group.

Career Center $7,500
The ACA Career Center is a main attraction in the Expo. Attendees and employers spend many hours in this popular area, where career-related educational programming, interviewing and networking are ongoing throughout the conference. Includes signage and logo recognition at the conference as well as in the online Career Center.

Saturday Snacks $5,000
Make a lasting impression by sponsoring the snacks provided on Saturday afternoon in the Expo. Includes treats such as ice cream, home-baked cookies and popcorn. Overhead signage above your booth recognizing your company as the sponsor and tables will be placed near the food stations for your marketing materials.

Coffee Breaks (2 available) $2,500 each 
Your company name and logo will be printed on napkins that will be used for the coffee break you sponsor. Just think of 4,000+ conference attendees walking around with your company name in their hands. Ad in Conference Program Guide not included in this sponsorship.

For more information and to secure your sponsorship contact Kathy Maguire.

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