Session Handouts

102 | Becoming a Professional Counselor

105 | The Counselor and the Law: Thirteen Tips to Avoid the Bad Luck of a Complaint in 2013

111 | The Operationalization and Validation of Isomorphism in Supervision

114 | Exploring Ethics and Values in Counseling with LGBTQ Populations

115 | Neuroscience, Magic, and Counseling

116 | Health Care Interpreters: The Invisible Victims of Vicarious Trauma

117 | The Impact of Structured Group Counseling on Resiliency, Self-Efficacy, and Racial Identity among African American Female Teens

123 | The Influence of the Past on the Present: Understanding the Impact of Historical Trauma

128 | Is There a Book within You to be Written?

129 | The Graduate Student’s Survival Guide: Using ACA Resources to Support Professional Development

137 | Meeting the Unique Needs of Pre-Adolescents: Parent Child Relationship Therapy

138 | Children of Immigrants and Refugees: Lessons and Activities for School Success

139 | The Clinical Interview: Themes, Variations, and Solutions

147 | The Tug of War Child: A Creative Approach to Treating Children Involved in High Conflict Divorces and Custody Disputes

148 | Counseling Returning Veterans with PTSD

149 | Publishing in ACA Refereed Journals: Suggestions from the Council of Editors

150 | Counseling Severely Traumatized Victims; Incorporating Spiritual, Faith, and Religious Issues in Treatment

151 | Facilitating Career Development Concerns of Transsexual Women and Men During Gender Transition

153 | Career Counseling with Undocumented Latino Youth: A Qualitative Analysis of School Counselors

155 | What Graduate Students and New Professionals Need to Know About Humor in Counseling

158 | Creating Your Professional Path: Lessons from My Journey

160 | How Clients Can Change Injurious Self-Beliefs, DSM-5 Case Formulations and Treatment Approaches

164 | Family Counseling: Some Ethical Issues

166 | Counselor Educators and Local Schools Unite: ‘How To’s’ for Research That Also Provides Service-Learning Opportunities

167 | High School Students’ Career Planning: Fostering School Engagement and Hope for the Future

171 | Obesity is Not New-Addressing it in Counseling is

172 | Person-Centered Diagnosis and Treatment in Mental Health: A Model for Empowering Clients

173 | Counseling Transracial Adult Adopted Persons: Diversity and Lifespan Interventions

175 | An Ecological Frame of Retention and Attrition of Low-Income Mothers: Strategies and Policies to Improve Services

187 | Developmental Relational Counseling: An Integrative Model to Conceptualize Relational Growth and Awareness

190 | Social Equality, Social Interest, and Wellness: The Practitioner’s Challenge of Today

192 | Social Advocacy at the Microlevel: Working With Clients’ Racial and Other Prejudices in the Context of Individual Therapy

193 | Creativity as a Balm for Ambiguity: Using Creative Family Counseling Interventions with Military Families

194 | The ‘AIM’ [Academic Intervention & Mentoring] Program: Prevention of and Intervention with Students on Academic Probation

195 | Counseling Adolescents: How to Proceed When Ethics and Law Collide

199 | Research and Training in Counselor’s Work with Clients who Live in Poverty

200 | Planning for the Development of Counseling in Slovakia: History, Recent Developments, and Future Objectives

202 | Utilization of Social Media and Social Networking in Job Seeking Skills Training with Persons with Blindness or Low Vision

203 | Cyber Challenged: Working with Adolescents to Survive the Disasters of Rapidly Evolving Technology

205 | How to Listen so Parents Will Talk and Talk so Parents Will Listen

207 | The Inner Life of the Counselor: Preventing Secondary Stress, Increasing Resilience, and Maintaining a Healthy Perspective

209 | Eating Disorders and Obesity: Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment Essentials

211 | Ethics and Social Media in College Counseling

213 | Imaginable Outcomes and Empowered Youth Programs – Directing the Educational and Life Trajectories of Adolescents of Color

215 | Deconstructing Mental Health Disparities and Social Justice in Action:

217 | How to Deal with Groups? Stages of Group Development and Reality Therapy Techniques

219 | Working Through the Transition Journey with Military Families

230 | A Pilot Study of Neurofeedback, fMRI and the Default Mode Network: Implications for the Treatment of ADHD

232 | Counseling Around the World

233 | Best Practices in Couples and Family Counseling: Recommended for Implication in the Doctorate of Professional Counseling

235 | Spiritual Implications of Changes in DSM-5 Criteria: An Exploration of Client Impact

238 | Case Management: What Your Counseling Center Needs and You Don’t Even Know It

241 | The Wellness Journey

242 | Advocating for LGBTQ Best Practices in AOD Treatment

244 | Mindfulness-Based Practices for Enhancing Counselor Relational Qualities

245 | Play Therapy for Urban Elementary School Children At-Risk of Juvenile Delinquency: Successes, Difficulties and Process

246 | Treatment Failures in Counseling: Lessons Learned From Our Biggest Mistakes

248 | Developing Social Justice Worldviews: Creative Technique in Graduate Training

250 | Hearing Voices: A Simulated Experience of Entering the World of a Voice-Hearer

261 | Preparing Graduate Students and New Professionals for Success in Private Practice

271 | Reclaiming, Rediscovering, and Readopting Birth Culture for Adoptees: The Model of Reculturation

277 | Redefining Career Constructs: Integrating Social Justice Advocacy to the Practice of Career Counseling

279 | Conceptual Mapping: A Tool for Enhancing Client Insight

281 | The ACA School Counseling Task Force Update: Current Initiatives and Future Plans

284 | Child and Adolescent Counseling: Hundreds of Resources for Creative Activities and Interventions

288 | Wellness, Spirituality, and Personal Dispositions of Professional Counselors: Implications for Practice

290 | Intersectionality of Identity: A Dialogue with Queer People of Color

293 | Online Counselor Education Programs as a Social Justice Medium:

295 | The Tao of Leadership: Leading With the Soul

297 | Understanding DSM-5 Personality Disorders

301 | How Identity Develops: Attachment, Differentiation, and a New Model in Identity Development on Identity Status

302 | Cutting Contagion: Treatment Considerations for Clinicians Confronting the Adolescent Self-Injury Epidemic

304 | Cultures in Contact: Increasing Cross-Cultural Competencies Through an Multidimensional Understanding of Acculturation

307 | Midlife Career Transition and Life Satisfaction for Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Employment

310 | Welcome to the Jungle: Navigating Through the Ethical Maze of High Conflict Divorce

312 | Career Resources for Career Counselors and Specialists, and Counselor Educators

315 | Promoting a Positive School Culture: Navigating the Role of the School Counselor in Bullying Prevention

316 | Learning to Lead: Information and Strategies for Emerging Leaders in Counseling Professional Organizations

317 | Counseling in the United States: Perspectives from International Doctoral Students from Bhutan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Italy

323 | Crisis Among Our Nations Heroes: Addressing Increased Suicide Among Military Personnel and Veterans

324 | There’s No Place Like Home: Caring for the Alzheimer’s Patient at Home

325 | Make Room for Happiness: Positive Psychology Techniques

326 | Strategies for Promoting Safety and Stability in the Treatment of Complex Trauma

338 | Inspiring Heart, Engaging Mind, and Empowering Action: Traditional and Innovative LGBTQI Advocacy Across the Lifespan

339 | Due Process and Remediation: Best Practices for Graduate Counseling Programs

346 | Understanding the Unsaid: Nonverbal Awareness and Skills Training to Increase Multicultural Competence

347 | Secondary School Counselors’ Experiences with Group Work: A Qualitative Inquiry with Implications for Practice and Education

349 | Mindfulness Practices as Self-Care for Counselors

350 | Grief and Counter transference: Applying a Developmental Model of Supervision to Counselors Who Have Experienced Loss

360 | Suicidal Behavior and Contagions: A Review of Increasing Trends and Discussion About Crisis Interventions and Debriefings

365 | Developing and Sustaining Multicultural Competencies in the Counseling Profession

366 | Building Multicultural Competent Supervision: Implications for Counselor Development, Training and Practice

371 | The Emerging Phenomenon of Bullycide: Implications for School Counselors and Stakeholders

377 | Puppy Love: Using Dogs as a Unique Approach to Wellness Across a Variety of Counseling Spectrums

378 | Understanding the Concept and Development of Research Identity within Master’s-Level Counselors

379 | Internship in Integrated Health Care Practices: Opportunities and Challenges

382 | What’s on Your Smartphone: Phone Applications for Counselors and Clients

384 | Replenishing the Well: The Ethic of Self-Care for Counselors in Small, Rural, or Neighborhood” Settings”

385 | Advocacy Outside the Box: A Multilevel Spatial Analysis of First Time Mothers with Postpartum Depression

386 | Utilizing Multicultural Strengths, Ethics, and Competencies to Address Video Game Addiction and Diverse Gamer Culture

387 | Evidence Based School Counseling: An Advanced Primer on Analyzing School Counseling Program Data

389 | Thriving in Rural Counseling: Building Sidewalks Through Peer Supervision

394 | A Healing Hub Model: Stepping Stones, a Children’s Bereavement Group with Concurrent Adult Support Groups

398 | Emotional Brain Training: Neurobiology of Wellness and Techniques for Enduring Weight Loss and Health Behavior Change

399 | Reasons to Live: Attachment as a Key to Save?

400 | The CACREP Process: One Program’s Journey to Success

404 | Failure to Launch: Guiding Clinicians to Successfully Motivate the Long-dependent Young Adult

405 | Creative Best Practices with Grieving Children and Youth: Interventions, Ethics, and Cultural Considerations

411 | Exploring the Capacity to Be Alone

503 | Combat Trauma and Addictions

512 | Comprehensive Counselor Self Care: Wellness Exercises to Develop Healthy Self Care Patterns

514 | Undocumented, Unseen, Unknown: Effective Advocacy and Interventions for At-Risk Undocumented Youth

520 | Career Intervention Considerations for Unwed Young Black Mothers in the United States

522 | Helping Children Victims of Domestic Violence: Using Play Therapy Based on the Person Centered Approach

524 | The ASCA National Model and Supervisory Tasks

532 | Culturally Sensitive Child Assessments: From Research to Practice to Future Research

538 | Support for Suicide Awareness, De-stigma of Mental Health on College Campuses

545 | Well-Being and Psychological Distress in Emerging Adulthood: The Roles of Attachment and Reliance Upon Social Support

550 | The Effect of Loving Kindness Meditation on Stress and Empathy: Implications for Counseling Practice

558 | Animal Assisted Therapy and Adolescent Addiction Counseling

564 | Wilderness Therapy: Taking the Scenic Route to Professionalism

565 | Knowledge of HIV/AIDS Among Counselors and Counseling Students

575 | Learning? It’s a Game! Games as Teaching Tools in Introductory Counselor Education Classes

578 | Using Program Assessment Data to Inform Program Improvements: Closing the Loop

583 | Incentives and Survey Response Rates in Counselor Education: A Meta-Analysis

593 | The Power of Other: Using a Q-sort Methodology to Understand Sexual Identity

598 | Loving Kindness Meditation for Women in Transition

600 | Becoming Confident in Addressing Client Spiritual or Religious Orientations in Counseling: A Grounded Theory Understanding

604 | Military Counseling Certificate Program

616 | Religious Competencies: What You Need to Know About Pastors’ Views of Counseling

618 | Are You There God? It’s Me, Client: Using Narrative Therapy with Clients with Spiritual Concerns

622 | Integrating Smoking Cessation Treatment with Mental Health Services

623 | A Comparison of Traditional, On-line and Inquiry-Based Learning in Counselor Education: A Pilot Study

627 | Healing Addiction Through Connections: Using RCT in Substance Abuse Groups

646 | Making Music Together: Creative Interventions in Couples Counseling

665 | Gender Identity and the DSM-5

673 | Clergy Families: The Helpless Forgotten’s Cry for Help Answered Through Reality Therapy

679 | Using Radio to Disseminate Health-Related Information to Low-Income Latinos

683 | Human Development and Attachment Theory: Maturation of Attachment Relationships Throughout the Lifespan

684 | The Epigenetic-Developmental Perspective and How it Influences Client and Counselor Dyad

707 | Counselors’ Self-Transformation Experiences in Mindfulness Practice and the Impact of this in the Counseling Process

713 | Counseling Couples Survivors of Relational Cancer: Using EFCT Framework to Improve Marital Quality

714 | Spirituality as an Insulating Factor Against Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: Research Findings and Counselor Practice Suggestions

715 | School Counselors and LGBTQ Youth: A Nationwide Survey of Schools Counselor Educational Needs and Experiences

721 | The Impact of Peers and Parents on Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use

722 | Acculturation, Familial Relationships, and Adolescent Well-Being

Keynote 2 | Second Keynote Session

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