Presenter Pitch Video Instructions

PRESENTERS: Submit a 2016 Presenter Pitch Video!

Send us a short, compelling video pitch for your Conference presentation using the following guidelines:

  • Videos must be no more than one minute in length.
  • You may use any type of camera (e.g., iPhone, iPad, webcam), but please make sure you are in a quiet room (no music) with bright lighting. Also be sure to speak clearly and loudly and look directly at the camera.
  • Record your video in landscape (horizontal) or widescreen format only.
  • DO NOT EDIT YOUR VIDEO. Please send only original, unedited files.
  • Video must be an .mp4 or .mov file. Other file types are not compatible with our editing software.
  • Please email once your video file is ready. If your file is smaller than 10MB you can simply attach it to the email. If your video file is larger than 10MB, indicate that in your email and you will be sent a link invitation to ACA’s Dropbox account where you can quickly and easily upload your file.

 Videos will be used in ACA 2016 Conference & Expo communications.