2015 Keynote Speakers

2015 Keynote Speakers

mariel-site Opening Keynote
Actress Mariel Hemingway was the focus of the recent documentary Running from Crazy, which examined her personal journey to understand the Hemingway family history of suicide and mental illness. The film won a 2013 SAMHSA Voice Award. Watch the official trailer here.


sat keynotesSaturday Keynotes
Dr. Richard Balkin and Dr. Jeffrey Kottler: The Power of Relationships in Counseling—and the Counselor’s Life
- What do you do to help people that matters most? What is it about your particular counseling style that leads to the best outcomes with clients, regardless of their background and presenting issues? After a century of investigation we have a definitive answer that transcends all our debates and differences: Regardless of the approach, theoretical model, or chosen intervention, it is the relationship that empowers everything else that we do. This provocative dialogue between two noted authorities on relationally-based counseling will focus on some of the key factors that often make the most difference in successful outcomes. Jeffrey Kottler and Richard Balkin will integrate some of the key facets of relatively enduring changes that take place within counseling relationships, focusing on those variables that make the greatest difference. Although their approaches and styles are distinctly different, Jeffrey and Rick model ways that we can come to a consensus regarding what matters most in the work that we do.

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