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Newsletter Article | Feb 06, 2014

COLORADO - NORTH RANGE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH - Full time/part time Clinician

Position Summary:
Full time/part time available
Provides clinical services within a “private practice” model counseling center, including therapy and counseling to clients with mild to moderate life challenges and mental health issues.  Assists with “case finding,” networking, and other activities in support of  the practice’s vision.  Must be entrepreneurial and understand the balance of clinical and business goals. 

This position is paid a base rate for a negotiated number of hours and an additional percentage of collected fees.   Clinical licensure and eligibility for insurance carrier credentialing is required.

Essential Duties

  • Provides best practices treatment planning  and counseling services  to  clients presenting a broad array of life and mental health challenges;  may be called upon to prepare clinical reports ; may be called upon to conduct crisis intervention and risk assessments via telephone or face to face;
  • Is responsible for quality standards and compliance, including adhering to the service delivery, ethical, and best practices standards of health insurance carriers, private service agreements, NRBH, and relevant licensing boards;
  • Supports the goals and policies of NRBH and The Counseling Center at West Greeley;  may be called upon to assist in refining the practice vision and goals;
  • Participates in practice promotion and case finding, including development of referral sources through public relations, speaking events, and networking opportunities;
  • Meets agency and insurance carrier standards regarding the maintenance of credentialed status,  collection of co-pays, assisting with insurance issues, and meeting documentation and medical records standards;  and
  • Other duties as assigned by the Program Director.

 Job Requirements

 Education & Licensure:

  • Fully licensed in Colorado as a LPC, LCSW, Clinical Psychologist, or LMFT.  Required.
  • Valid driver’s license.  Required.
  • Insurance panel credentials: preferred.  Insurance credential eligible: Required.
  • Applicants claiming a specialty or evidence-based therapy certification: Documentation Required.   
  • Bilingual preferred.

Remuneration and Expectations

  • All scheduled time is remunerated at a base hourly rate, including service provision, meetings and training, practice development and promotion, and other non-billable activities.  Billable services are additionally compensated an amount equivalent to 40% of fees collected for those billables.
  • This position carries a minimum productivity expectation of 80% billable time weekly.
  • This position is eligible for periodic consideration of an increase in the number of weekly work hours.

 Training and Continuing Education

  • NBH cannot guarantee provision of training/supervision/consultation in support of EBP fidelity requirements, however the program director will assist staff in locating appropriate resources and setting up Business Associate Agreements.
  • Clinicians claiming to provide specific EBPs must maintain fidelity.
  • Staff are eligible to attend elective training provided by NRBH, free of charge.  Attendance must not interfere with clinical activities or productivity.  Attendance is not compensated time, unless the training has been required by the program director.
  • Certain basic training such as regarding the EMR, HIPAA, sexual harassment, child abuse, and other mandatory topics will be provided to staff and compensated at the base hourly rate. 
  • Clinical staff at the Counseling Center at West Greeley are not considered to have “Deemed Status” because the training and supervision requirements to which the practice adheres are not equivalent to the minimum criteria as set forth by DORA. 

Office Space and Activities

  • This position will be provided office space for clinical activities and every effort will be made to provide consistent space, however, there is no promise made regarding permanent office assignment.  Staff may be required to share space and schedule clinical activities accordingly.
  • Personal items displayed in offices must be pre-approved by the program director.
  • Services might be provided in various settings, however, school-based services require the specific authorization of the program director.
  • Case finding activities must be reported to the program director.


  • Dress code: business attire or business casual, as appropriate. 
  • Staff who elect to use their personal computers or cell phones are subject to NRBH policies regarding personal computer and phone use.
  • A non-competition agreement and conflict of interest disclosure document are required from all Counseling Center at West Greeley staff.

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